Zoe and Cooper

We don’t have any children yet. But you would think we did. I don’t know that I would say our dogs are spoiled, but they are definitely loved. Four months after we got married, the hubs and I moved into a rental house– with a yard. That week we went to the humane society and found her: Zoe.

Zoe is our beautiful, sweet, loves-to-lick black Labrador. She is a fantastic dog, and at times not very lab-like. She doesn’t really like to fetch. She does not like walking in the mud. She doesn’t like getting wet. But she LOVES chasing squirrels at the park. And she is a great snuggle-partner when the hubs is out of town. We adore her.

Last Christmas we adopted Cooper, because we wanted a friend for Zoe.

It’s a good thing he is gorgeous, and his ears are crazy soft, because he is ALL Lab. He sheds like crazy. He loves the water… mud… digging…. escaping from our yard…. ugh. He likes to chew:

Thankfully, usually he only chews his toys. He is a sweetheart, and loves going to watch the hubs play softball (because he is good on a leash and Zoe is not).

They are friends now. It was rough going at first, but now Zoe will even lick Cooper, it’s sweet. When Zoe is watching squirrels at the park, jumping around the tree, Cooper just runs around her in big circles. I don’t think he has any idea what she is doing. And when the hubs throws a ball for Cooper (because he likes to play fetch- if that means getting the ball and running around with it), Zoe runs in front of him to try to stop him from getting the ball. Once she side-tackled him. It was awesome. And then I made sure Cooper was ok.

Zoe and Cooper are our kiddos-for-now, and they are wonderful. Part of our family– we even miss them when we are on vaca. :)


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