Georgetown, where everybody knows your husband’s name

The title is pretty much true for me. I think I mentioned before that my husband is a youth pastor here in town, and so a lot of people know him. This makes life pretty interesting. We see someone we know almost everywhere we go. But this is something I love about Georgetown. It is not a small town- about 60,000 people, but it feels like it. Maybe it is the ADORABLE town square. :) To me, Georgetown is great because it somehow exudes the small-town feel while offering tons to do! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I do in Gtown, as I affectionately call it.

ANY event on the square.
We have been to multiple “Market days,” Christmas on the Square, and Red Poppy Fest. I have loved all of them- I feel like I live in Stars Hallow (from Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite tv shows), because for those weekends, life revolves around the square. There is awesome food, vendors selling all kinds of crazy homemade (or not) wares, and entertainment. The entertainment can be live music and dancing, local dance schools performing, a live Bethlehem, antique car shows, or even Who-ville (my fave)!

You definitely see people you know when there are events on the square, which makes it that much more fun to share in the merriment together. I can’t wait for the holidays!!

These are the Red Poppies the festival is named for. So purty!

The food.
While Austin is not far and boasts tons of yummy restaurants, Gtown has some great ones to offer as well. Here are a few of my faves:
The Monument. Truly Monumental. From the free biscuits to the FRIED CHICKEN. Yumm-o!!! Even the bathrooms are cool. Can’t wait for their new Mexican restaurant to open!
Mexican food. Dos Salsas is a classic, with fantastic salsa and awesome tortilla soup. But we just went to La Playa for the first time last week, and I was finally able to get a. Fried. Stuffed. Avocado. I had my first (and only other good one) several years ago in the valley, and this one was awesome as well! Same restaurant name in fact. Is it a chain? I dunno.
Roots. This used to be Down the Alley Bistro, and is on the square. Awesome salad with grilled chicken, cranberries, and walnuts (or pecans?). And the dressing is fab.So are the cookies. :)
Cianfranni. Old school coffee shop that roasts their own coffee. Again, on the square, which gets you in the middle of the action even when you have to study on the weekends like me. I am
kinda picky about my coffee, I can’t just drink anything black like my hubs, but their Chocolate Europa is delicious. And you can get a never-ending cup for just a few bucks!!

The outdoors.
Georgetown is beautiful!! The parks are awesome! San Gabriel Park is great for parties and walks, and even has a river with ducks to feed!

Blue hole is fun to swim in (especially when your pool is closed for maintenance) and watch people. One day I want to take the dogs there. Speaking of, the Bark Park is not only so fun, but beautiful as well!!

And of course there is Lake Gtown. I camped and kayaked there a few years ago with friends, but we have only walked around there since we moved here. Even driving in Serenada and taking the back roads home is pretty!

I’m going to talk about the shopping in Gtown in another post! Don’t worry. :)

If you have never been to Georgetown, I encourage a visit! If you know me, you are welcome to stay with us!! :) I love living here because we have the small town feel in a city with tons to do!


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