Tour Our Home: Master bathroom

This is the first of the “Tour Our Home” series! I will lead y’all on a tour of our home over time. I will show you the space, the features, and the decor. I will be honest with you- I am starting with the master bathroom because it was the cleanest when I took pictures. We, and our roommates, are not messy people, our house is generally very clean. But the hubs and I are surprisingly very good at keeping our bathroom clean. So here we go!

Our master bathroom is perfect for us and our needs. When we started making a must-have list for our home before we started house shopping, the only thing I really cared about for the master bath was a big bathtub. We both LOVE to take baths, and the hubs is 6’3″, so a dual shower/tub wouldn’t  likely cut it for him.

When we saw this house, I fell in love with the bathroom. It is not huge, but it’s a great size, and fits all of our needs/wants. Here is the vanity. The hubs wrote a scripture to me on the mirror (using a dry erase marker) recently, Song of Songs 1:15. He is so sweet. :)

Just to the left (you can see the door in the reflection) is our bedroom. It is great having a door to separate the bathroom from the bedroom so that my poor hubs is not woken up by the light when I am getting ready for work at 6 am. Yes, 6 am. I know a lot of people really really want a double sink vanity. But, as a nurse (and future NP), I get up really early, so we are almost never getting ready at the same time. So having a single sink, with ample counter space, was perfect for us! I also love that the cabinets, light fixtures, and tile are all nice– no work needed here!

Having so much storage space in the bathroom is awesome! As you can see, we have a medicine cabinet (which I love) and three nice big drawers in addition to the under-sink cabinet! Plenty of room for all the things that keep us looking so good! :)

The counter has some style, as well as utility. Our soap dish (seen in the big picture above) is a 50 cent white saucer from a local thrift store to hold our soap, a great new find from our local farmer’s market. Good smelling, homemade soap for cheap– holla! :)

This is our little tribute to “his and hers” in the bathroom. I saved an old cologne/perfume bottle of each of ours that looks perty, and stacked them on top of copies of one of our favorite devotional books, My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Just a cute little addition of flair and a reminder of our faith to the bathroom.

I love Mason jars. There will be a post later (hopefully soon) all about my adoration. For our bathroom I utilized the Mason jars for storage. And plus, hello, they look so cute!

Now, onto …. the bathtub!!! Ah, the serenity. Our tub is nothin’ fancy. No jets or anything. It is just really deep. A genuine soaking tub. We use this ALL. THE. TIME. We even have one of those book-holder caddies for it. But, my books are too darn heavy to be held by it. Boo.

I wanted our tub to be very calming and relaxing. Black lanterns from Ikea hold tea lights on two corners of the tub, and then I put together this (below) for the others. Beachy-cottage- chic is our bathroom theme! I love drawing a tub, turning off the lights in the bathroom and lighting all the candles (well, I do that with the lights on) and just relaxing.

The bath curtains are so cute! Originally it was a single, long panel given to me by our roommates several months ago. I thought the colors and length would be perfect for our bathroom! Using a no-sew method (which I will explain more in another post about curtains I made for our bedroom) I made them into two panels! Using jute to tie them back, they look marvelous! We are very fortunate to have white wooden blinds on every window of the house, which looks great and provides so much privacy and  deflection of heat. But curtains give life to a room!

This old typeletter tray was scored at a garage sale for $1! There are lots of little squares for where all the letters for old printing presses would have been held. The only way I knew it’s original use was because the handle on the bottom has a label, with the font (POINT GOTHIC) and size (18 and 12). I love this piece so much. It has such character, such patina, and an original use that the hubs and I can appreciate, as we are both bookworms! Seashells from a craft store were placed in alternating spaces to continue with beachy-cottage-chic theme.

 Our shower is right next to the tub, and is a great size! There are two awesome features about it: the shower head is high enough for my tall hubs, and it has a big shelf great for putting bathing goodies. Now, I kinda miss having a shower curtain because we had two really cute ones. But, this is nicer in reality, and that’s what makes the window curtains so great!

Across from the shower is the toilet. You can see the door to our closet in the picture below. Our closet is, again, perfect for us. It is a walk-in, but it is not huge. It is the perfect size so that we don’t acquire too much stuff. You can see that we have a storage cabinet above the potty (yup, and I don’t even have kids) for our TP, towels, travel toiletry bags, and other goodies.

On the wall are two pieces of decor we found at a garage sale that first inspired the beachy-cottage-chic theme. I love the look of weathered postcards coupled with the shells, and the distress of the frames.

Growing up by the beach, I love using accents of the beach like shells (which is also about all you can find here), but am not a fan of crazy-everything beach decor. To me, the bathroom decor is relaxing and give you gentle reminders of the ocean. Our bathroom is simple, while being stylish and utilitarian. I like using pieces for storage that look great, so you don’t feel a need to hide or disguise them.

Everything in the bathroom we owned before moving into our home (except the soap dish! and a few candles), so I didn’t have to spend any moolah on the bathroom. Instead, I used pieces we already had, but may have been used in another room in our apartment. This not only saved us money, but also gave a fresh, new look!

I hope you enjoyed our bathroom! After gushing about it, I can’t wait to take a bath tonight! :)


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