Fall Table Decor and Pumpkin tutorial

Thanks for sticking with me when it is a long time between posts! Work has been busy, and school is in full swing, which does not always leave me time to blog! Another reason I haven’t this past week is because I got the opportunity to take just-born photos of some friends of ours! It was such a blessing to see the family treasure a new baby they are already in love with.:)

My last fall decor post to share is our dining room table decor.

I kept the same teal table runner that is typically on it, and added a run of burlap for some warm fall color and texture. I just love burlap!

I made these pumpkins last year and love them! I didn’t take pictures while I did it last year, but I’ll give you the steps!

I bought these foam pumpkins from Michaels. They are for decoration- I could have just displayed them as their pretty white selves. But if you could find pumpkins that are unfinished crafting foam, or even plastic, that would work good too. I also picked up the tissue paper at Michaels. I loved the designs in the warm fall colors! Swoon.

I started by taking a plain white sheet of paper and “tracing” a “sliver” of the pumpkin. Then I cut out the tissue paper using this stencil.

Next, apply modge podge to the pumpkin and very carefully put the paper on top. Here’s the thing about using tissue paper. It is beautiful since it is kinda transparent– that’s why the negative space is white on mine. But it also tears very easily. So just make sure the place you put it is where it will stay.

After it dries, you can put a layer of modge podge on top to seal it. And that’s it!! So easy, and so fun!!

I then put a tall white candle with the pumpkins and that’s our simple, beautiful tablescape!

You have gotten to see our awesome dining room table. I refinished it this past spring and LOVE it! I plan to (eventually) do a post about the refinishing process.If I can do it, you can too!

Do you have any fun DIY fall projects? How have you decorated your table for fall?

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