Cows Make Me Feel Better

Something you may or may not know about me is that I love photography. I don’t know how evident that is from the pictures on the blog, because I actually use my phone for most of the pictures. The reason I use my phone is simply because it is easier to upload them quickly onto the website, which is important for me because I am so busy with other stuff in life right now. But I do love taking pictures and want to do that more. One of the things on my list to do after I finish school is to take a photography class.

Last year I got an awesome DSLR camera, and two tripods for my birthday recently. I am looking forward to putting them to use. But today I wanted to share with you some pictures I’ve taken recently. Some of the clinicals that I am doing are out in the country. Like I have to drive almost an hour and a half each way to get there. Although it is a long drive, half of it is very beautiful. The open farmland, the cows, the lush (-ish) green (/brown) pastures. The big open skies. All of these things are beautiful and are things that I don’t see very often in Georgetown.

So a few weeks ago I decided to bring my camera along with me and stop to take pictures if I saw something beautiful. I did end up stopping a few times. I must have looked ridiculous in my “professional” clothing, but I didn’t care!

Recently I’ve had something for cows. 

 I have seen really cool paintings and pictures of cows on a blog  and TV show I love. Something about it just looks really serene to me. Maybe what I like most about photographing the countryside is that I’m envious of it. My life as it is crazy and hectic right now, and I don’t feel like I have much time to do the things I love to do in my free time. It reminds me of a calm, more serene, more simple life, which is something I am definitely missing right now.

While I absolutely love my school and my life, I am looking forward to the day when life gets a little bit simpler again. I’m ready for adventures and space to be creative and enjoy the things I am most passionate about.

I love how you can see the wide-open spaces of the fields these cows are grazing on.

When I passed by this sign, I knew I had to turn around to take pictures of it. I do like living in Texas. But I’m not one of those people who thinks Texas should be it’s own country or thinks it is the best state in the USA. But I loved the rustic feel of the sign.

Again, I love the big blue sky behind it in the open field which says a lot about the true heart of Texas.

I don’t know if you feel like I do, often a little overwhelmed by life and the responsibilities that keep us in the media-filled, air-conditioned plastic life, but I can tell you that taking half an hour out of my busy day to snap a few pictures in the countryside made me feel so much better.

What is your go-to for relaxation when life gets crazy?


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