Exciting News

I talked about my dreams a little bit in this post recently. On Monday, my favorite blogger, Miss Mustard Seed, posted encouraging us to share our dreams– the ones we just needed to say out loud. I posted this:

The hubs and I have talked about this in the past, and also recently. I would love to have a booth some day to have a place to sell refurbished furniture, my favorite DIY projects, and even some photography. But we thought this would need to wait until I was done with school, because it would be a risk with money that we don’t have a lot to spare right now, and would require more time than I have to give.

I filled him in on my “there. I said it post” and Thursday he told me he talked to the owner our fave antique store in Gtown, Divine Patina about what I want to do! We bought our gorgeous china hutch and kitchen table from them this year. She said we had a good eye and that we bought some of their best pieces this year! He even old her about my blog! :) I went in and talked to her today and she said she would be willing to sell some pieces on consignment!

I am so excited to get started! This gives me the flexibility to not have to do it so often to keep a booth stocked, and also means less financial risk! So I was up EARLY this morning to garage sale for furniture! Yay! Then I went to Austin to Mockingbird Domestics (OMG amazing store) to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I have wanted to work with this product for a while and am enthralled with the matte finish, the ease of distressing, and no need to sand or prime. Holla.

So, here we go! I’ll be posting pieces and will let y’all know if they are for sale at Divine Patina or through me!


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