How Wal Mart is (hopefully) Solving My Problems

So I’m not a big Wal Mart fan, I prefer Target. However, today Wal Mart was my best friend.

Since the hubs and I got our new bed over a year ago, we have had problems with the sheets staying on. We like the high thread count, so yes they are a little more slick. But come on. This happens every. night.

And the reason it is bothersome is because the extra sheet gathers in the middle and gets all hot and bunchy. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, but this morning I googled “sheets won’t stay on corners” or something like that. And BAM. I find it. Apparently there are sheet suspenders. Yes, you read that correctly. And maybe unlike me, you have heard of them. They are little stretchy pieces of fabric with clips on the end to clip around the corners of your fitted sheet. I was so excited! The Wal Mart website said they were in my store and so away I went before church this morning!

Now, I recently remembered that I had some money left on a Wal Mart gift card that I got for my birthday in August. So in the parking lot I checked the balance, with a special purchase in mind. I had more than enough to treat myself to a little late-birthday shopping!

I have been very patient. Very. I LOVE Mumford & Sons, and LOVE their previous album, Sigh No More. So when this new album, Babel, released a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait! But we are on a budget and so we didn’t buy it. And then this morning I realized, “happy birthday to me, I can buy Mumford!!”

I of course got the deluxe edition with extra tracks and can’t wait to listen more. Sigh.

I walked around the store a little and also bought some bubble bath and this scarf.

I’m sure I will have only good things to say about Babel, but hopefully my report about the sheet suspenders will be positive as well!

Have you had any awesome purchases lately? I’d love to hear about them!


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