Door Decor and My Staplegun

I snagged this snazzy door at an estate sale this past weekend because I loved the chippy paint.

The home this came from was filled with old stuff, and no doubt this door has seen many moons as well. It’s not very sturdy standing up, but I had better plans for it anyways. I wanted to hang it on my living room wall.

I envisioned being able to hang prints from it by fastening chicken wire to the back. So, we headed to Lowes last night and picked up a roll of 1″ mesh chicken wire.

Last weekend I also found something I have been wanting for a while… an electric staplegun! For $5 at a garage sale, this thing was all mine.

So I started by turning the door over and rolling the wire over, then began stapling one long side!

 I did a short end and then started on the other long side, making sure to pull the wire tight. After I stapled all 4 sides, I trimmed the excess with wire cutters.

I cut myself a few times. :(  But I didn’t care, it was done and looks awesome. And I got to use the staplegun, which worked awesome. I felt pretty powerful, and yelled “BAM!” everytime I fired it. My husband thought it was hilarious.

I got these prints made at Sam’s and clipped them to the wire with lil’ mini clothes pins. They are both photos I have taken, the bridge is in Waco and the beach is at home in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego). I had other plans for these photos but they didn’t pan out. More on that soon in another post. However, I am much happier with this!

The door looks awesome and I love imagining how old it is and how much history it has been alive for. Plus, many people passed up this door thinking it was pitiful. But it is so beautiful now!

Do you have anything you have turned from pitiful to beautiful? I would love to hear about it!

In other news…. the console table sold! The hubs listed both tables on Craigs List and got an email about it right away! Yeehaw! My first sale! Looking forward to this weekend and starting on something new. :)

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