Life is "Rough" Sometimes

Yeah, our life is a little crazy right now. In addition to the now-normal life of non-stop work, schoolwork, or clinicals with little time to do creative stuff, we have the other parts of life too.

One of our dogs, Cooper, needs surgery. He has a torn ligament and has been limping badly. Poor baby. :(

This weekend our fridge started leaking… And it went through the wall behind it into our bedroom. Soaked like half of the carpet. That we now have to pay to replace.

And this is all on top of us trying to be really good at saving for next summer when my last semester of clinicals will take up so much time my work availability will be virtually non-existent.

Now, I am not saying all of this to complain. But rather to share how God is so good to us. I have been tying to have a good attitude about all of this and He has been faithful to help me!

As my hubs would say, “these are first world problems.” In other words, things could be a lot worse, and are for so many people. This is not to say that our circumstances aren’t a bummer or financially significant, but rather to have perspective.

So, I am so happy to know what is wrong with my baby boy Cooper and know now it is something that can be fixed. And that in a few months he will hopefully be in less pain and be able to run and play even more! Until then I let him lay on the couch (or our bed) all he wants. :)

And hey, this gave me a chance to pick out darker carpet that won’t get/show the dirt as much. That makes me sound like a dirty person. But man, those dogs are always tracking in dirt!! And, we will have to move the furniture out, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to finally paint the dresser! Yay!

And praise God for great payment options to help us out for both of these big unexpected purchases. He is so good and faithful to us. Hopefully out of this time I will learn to trust Him more completely with everything, knowing He provides. Even if that doesn’t mean that money magically appears– He is faithful to give us joy in Him in every circumstance.


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