Another Coffee Table Makeover!

Y’all, my husband is awesome. He just knows how to find good furniture. Seriously. He picked up this piece and it majorly needed some work. It looked like it had been painted a few times… and that didn’t hold up well.

But it has good bones and cool planking on the top, so I love it.

I was cleaning the piece I found out this important piece of info in the drawer:

Score! This piece is sturdy and good quality.

After cleaning her off, I painted her with ASCP Paris Grey, then applied clear wax. I sanded to distress a little and make the planking on top stand out. Another coat of clear wax was applied to seal it all!

 I love Paris Grey. It is such a rich color. Perfect for a coffee table, to offer a nice neutral color in a living room. You can see that the items I staged it with really pop against the grey. I gave the hardware a little cleaning and she is ready to go!

This lady is ready to be bought and put to good use! She is going up for sale– check out the Store page!

Also, if you are looking for any specific piece of furniture you would like to be custom-painted for your home, let me know! We would love to find something just for you!

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