Cute Fall Garland

I love fall. I love fall decor. I don’t want it to be over in a few weeks, so I’m doing as much as I can in these last days to appreciate the fall-ness. While I of course am so excited about Christmas and its decorations, I have especially loved my fall home this year!

This little project cost me no money! Love that kind. Last weekend the hubs and I went to a birthday party for his grandma, and she had these as coasters. When I asked her at the end of the evening where they were purchased, she told me to take some! So I did. :)

I wanted to add a little bling to the hutch in the dining room so I grabbed a roll of jute and my glue gun and went to work! I carefully crudely measured the jute and places for each leaf. I used a drop of glue to each leaf to adhere the jute. After the glue dried, I secured the garland to the hutch with tape.


I love it. Love the sparkles. Love the colors.




The dining room looks awesome! I love the bright colors against the muted mint green. Sigh. I love fall.

Any last-minute fall projects in your future?


One thought on “Cute Fall Garland

  1. I’d say that is a very cute garland – and it does look good on the hutch.† Never thought the leaves would be such a hit with everyone.



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