More Work On the Hutch

After a very long and productive day, I headed to the garage to work on painting the hutch at 10:40 pm. I am also trying to finish up an end table. All it needs is clear wax, sanding, and dark glaze!

But about the hutch. Last night I finally got around to cleaning the hutch bottom, removing the doors, and patching imperfections. So tonight I was ready to get painting!


And paint I did! I was so excited that I forgot to sand what I had filled with wood filler and so had to avoid the top. But, I applied a glorious coat of ASCP’s Old White to the sides and front, and then most of a door!


I didn’t make it in all the nooks and crannies because I had just used my small detail brush on the end table.
So hopefully tomorrow I can finish giving everything the first coat! I love how this is turning out so far!!


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