Florence End Table

Well the work on the hutch is temporarily halted. For two reasons. One, it is the end of the semester and I have a lot to do. Second, I am just about out of Old White ASCP and one of the two stores in the Austin area that carries ASCP no longer does! So I will hopefully pick some up this weekend and finish the beast!

But in the meantime I did this end table. It gave me something to do while waiting for the paint to dry in the hutch. Also it took a whole lot less time. I wanted to finish something.


I found this pretty lady at a garage sale and later saw the stamp inside the drawer. I looked up the Hekman company and found out it is a high end furniture company- end tables like this retail for over $500 new!! This is quite a find!


I love the detailing on the legs… The drawer pulls…. Everything. I saw its potential. After carefully removing the hardware, I cleaned it and applied a coat of ASCP Florence, the color used on the dining chairs.

I chose this color because as an end table, this lady can be a bold color very easily and wonderfully accent a room.


Look at the inside of the drawer! So cool! I next applied AS clear wax all over and after it had dried I used a sanding sponge to distress. I really wanted the carvings on the legs and the details of the drawers to stand out and look as though it had been through a lot. Then my new favorite part- the glaze. I told y’all about this glaze I used on the small table and thought it would be perfect on this piece to give a darker patina’d look.



Here’s how it goes: apply to an area with a dry brush. I use a cheapie brush because I am going to wipe the glaze off anyways. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and then wipe off with a dry towel (I use paper towels). You will see the surface has taken on a darker aged look. But if you want the details to really stand out, leave a little of the glaze around the details (like in the crevices of corners or carvings).

Here you can see the difference between the half of the drawer that has glaze (right side) and half that does not. What a transformation!

After you have done this all over, let dry and apply wax again! I put the lovely hardware back on and just stood back. I am so pleased with this piece.




This project is up for sale if you are interested!

Have you done any new projects lately? I’d love to hear about them!


8 thoughts on “Florence End Table

  1. hey i just found the sister table to this were you able to find the collection on heckamn? i need a befor photo for mine plus i want to try to find its twin

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