Holiday Mantel Decor

So y’all know how I love my mantel. I have gushed about it before here and here. And now I get to again! I am so thankful we have a fireplace. It’s so cozy to cuddle up in the living room with a fire. I hope it finally gets cold enough here in Central Texas to do that! But I have to say I probably most love having a fireplace because we have a mantel.

Our awesome fireplace

Like I have mentioned before, I love the everyday mantel decor, and don’t stray much from it even for holidays. And as I decorated for Christmas, I felt the same way.

Much of the basics remain: the vintage window, the coffee-stained hymnal garland, the faux topiaries. This year, I wanted to use red, silver, and white in the decor, along with vintage elements.

I started with the easy part: hanging the stockings. The stocking holders are from Hobby Lobby a few years ago and are so pretty and shabby! I would like to make new stockings… Someday.


I have decorated with Christmas ornaments before and wanted to go that way again. I already had a bunch of red and silver glittery (yeah! Glam it up!) ornaments from Target from a few years back. I piled them into my glass hurricane and that took care of one side of the mantel.


I wanted to use something with similar height to the hurricane for balance, especially because the mantel is so full. I was thrilled to use the vintage topiary cage again and filled it with ornaments. I fluffed up some snow to stick out of the bottom too. Sadly it will probably be the only snow I see this year.


Finally, I hung this cute wreath from the window with some jute. In general, the only green I like in decor at Christmas is greenery. This fit the bill.


I stood back and admired the work.


Love. Now if only it could get cold enough to get a fire going….

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