Curvy Coffee Table Re-do

So there is a cool story about this bad boy. I saw it listed on Craigslist several weeks ago and was just never able to pick it up. Then I came across it again and snagged it! I was instantly taken away by the curvy legs.


Sorry for the in-progress before picture! Anyways…. when the hubs brought this home and I saw it in our garage, I realized how huge this thing is. I guess I need to start paying attention to the dimensions! Regardless, it is a nice solid piece. Lovely, heavy wood with dovetail drawers. Quality.

I painted two coats of ASCP Old White and then covered with a couple coats of Clear Wax. I wanted to distress to let the original beautiful dark wood peek through. Lovely.


How pretty is that?


It turned out great! I wish I could keep it…. :)


How ’bout those curves! Swoon.

And it even has drawers that blend in! The perfect place for remotes and coasters to be stored out of sight.20121215-232830.jpg



Another awesome thing about this table is that the size and simplicity lends it to some awesome decor! I can just imagine some lovely greenery on top, can’t you?

This table sold within a day and is off the market! I will be doing a ton of custom work for this same client and will make sure to keep the blog updated! Yay! This is good timing because I am off school for a few more weeks. :)



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