Hall Tree Makeover

I have always thought these hall trees were awesome! A place to hang your coat, your purse, store some blankets. Very handy. So when my friend Stephanie posted on Facebook that she was selling hers, my super-duper hubs jumped on it! I was so proud.

However, as much as I would have loved to keep it, we don’t have a place for it right now. But I know someone out there will, so I decided to give it some love!

I don’t have a before pic because I started painting it on a whim. Like a “well, the only clean paintbrush I have left is the tiny one and I have time so what can I paint with the tiny brush? The trim on the hall tree of course!” That’s how it went in my head. So I started.

I had decided on ASCP Paris Grey because I knew it would cover the initial black well and would look good distressed. I also repaired a crack with wood glue and clamps, so now it is good as new!


I spray painted the hardware with Rust-oleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze. This color rocks, I love how it pops!!


I mean how awesome is this piece?! It is so functional. And now it is beautiful! The grey goes with any decor and it a lovely neutral.



And it doesn’t have to look cluttered. A purse, a coat, a wreath. Bam! Style.


Lovely. Perfect for any family! Want it? It’s up for sale here.


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