2013 Home Goals

A more accurate title would reflect the idea that I would like to get a few of these done before the new year, but that’s just complicated. And creates expectations. Even though some have been on my To Do List for months. But let’s be realistic. I can’t change that.

These goals are not all huge, earth-shattering, redo a whole room type of goals. Some goals are very small and will take a few hours. But others will take longer. All in all though, my goal is to make our home more functional, pretty, and comfortable.

1. Hang hooks in the master bathroom for towels. Yup. The towel rack is comin’ down and hooks are going up!

2. Paint current long dresser and new highboy for master. I have wanted to paint our massive long dresser for a while, but painting for other people has kept me busy, which I am thrilled about! I am hoping over this break from school to finally do it! The hubs also scored a gorgeous highboy from a storage locker recently and we are keeping it! We desperately could use separate dressers for more space which will also help the closet clutter. Awesome. So it will be getting a coat of paint as well.

3. Curtains for the office. This room in general needs help. But I’m going to wait until after I finish school this summer (!). That way I can store all those big heavy books somewhere else and make the space prettier and more functional…. Whatever that will look like. So for now I’ll start with curtains.

4. Living room rug and curtains. This room is pretty much decorated but lacks the softness and texture of curtains and a rug. We have tile everywhere except the bedrooms so a rug would be great to soften the space and make it more comfy!

5. Hang chandy in dining room. This is one of those things that has been on the list for months. It’s going up. Soon.

6. Artwork for bedroom. I have a project planned to make our bedroom more meaningful and fill the walls a little more. Looking forward to this one!!

7. Plant for planter on front porch. I have a cute lil’ planter hanging from the wall by our front door, and it is time to put something in it. This will be an adventure…. I have a black thumb. :(

8. Chalkboard pantry door. I love chalkboards. The functionality. The look. The possibilities. I would love to switch out our pantry door for one that is flat and cover the outside in chalkboard paint. It is right across from the fridge, and obviously near the pantry, so would be awesome for making grocery lists, planning meals, and eventually a place for kiddos to draw. I want to draw on it too!!

9. Organize laundry room. This needs to start with getting the light fixed. Obviously if the room is constantly dark, it can’t be utilized well. Then, I want to organize it so that it can hold purses, bags, extra cleaning supplies, bulk paper goods, etc…. I have dreams. :)

Now who knows what the new year will bring. None of this might get done, and that would be ok. I have to be ok with that. But I also feel like these goals aren’t unachievable or crazy expensive. Do-able.

10. I want to use our home hospitably. We have a high school guys life group over weekly, but I want to have more friends and family over for dinner, games, movies, conversations. This has partly been inhibited by life due to school, so I am looking forward to the latter half of 2013 when I will be more free to par-tay!

That last goal is the reason I strive to have a lovely home– so others feel welcome and comfortable. So our friends and family can come to a place that is a place to relax and enjoy. And having our home be more functional, organized, and yes, pretty, is conducive to making that happen.

Do you have home goals for next year? I would love to hear about them!

Love my Christmas pups! :)



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