Our New Rug- Home Goal 4a

I am so pleased with the work we have already gotten done on our 2013 Home Goals! I released the list here and to be honest by the time I posted it we had already knocked out a few things! This is because I wanted to run the list by my husband.

We had family over yesterday to celebrate Christmas. Now, it was only 11 people. And I knew nobody would really care about how our house looks. But I care. And #10 on my list is to make our home more welcoming to guests by making our home comfortable and a reflection of us.

So this started with #4- getting a rug and curtains for our living room. I think this will make our living room much more cozy, homey, and soft. The hubs gave me a budget and I swore I would not go over.

I measured our living room and windows to start. We were at Target and I was wandering around when I found a cute runner. Our entire house except the bedrooms is brown tile so rugs would really help to soften the appearance and add warmth. We have a looooong front hallway and when I laid the runner out, it looked tiny. It’s going back. But they did have some cool area rugs there. That’s really where it started. I talked to my hubs about wanting to spruce up the living room with family coming and he agreed- and gave me my budget!

I glanced through CraigsList, but most rugs were very traditional. We looked at Garden Ridge and there were some ok ones, but they were looped and that made me nervous with the dogs. Next we went to Ikea. I had seen these curtains online. Swoon. :) Just what I wanted, and reminded me of Miss Mustard Seed’s gorgeous curtains I am always jealous of. At $50 a pair, they are priced reasonably.

EMMIE KVIST Curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair IKEA

I also figured out that I could use just one panel per window since the panels are wider than the windows. With some cutting and hemming, they would work perfectly. However, I want pretty curtain rods and so they were not an option at this time (since I later bought the rug…). However I did pick up a cute pillow at Ikea and have another form to exchange to fit the pillow cover I snagged from the “As Is” section.

My hubs is awesome. He let us go back to Target that night. I looked at the rugs for a bit and was unsure for a while. I looked at a few woven jute type rugs, but they didn’t seem very soft. I wanted to make the room cozy. I wanted something my dogs would lay on and we could sit on. Then I saw it.


It is the perfect size. Ivory and grey diamond geometric design. Swoon. Not looped. And soft. And it’s thick so you don’t feel like you are barely not sitting on the floor. It’s Target’s new exclusive brand- Threshold. And they nailed this at $129. I took it home and the hubs loves it. Our dogs love it- they lay on it constantly. We sat on it Christmas morning with all our gifts.


The colors go perfectly with our decor and really brighten up the space. This is why I couldn’t get the Ikea curtains, but this made such a big impact on the room I’m not too bummed! :) They are still on the list for later this year!

And now for some pics.





Looks awesome, right? We love it and so do the dogs. Win-win. And it completes the goal: making the room more comfortable and soft. Giving myself a pat on the back for completing this goal already, and for such a great deal.


One thought on “Our New Rug- Home Goal 4a

  1. ooh, yay, i love sitting on carpet and that rug looks
    amazing! can’t wait to try it out :) we are back from our trip to
    CA and will be celebrating a belated christmas in g-town this
    weekend. hope to see you soon!

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