Home Goal #1- Hooks in the Bathroom

I don’t know if you are like me and my bathroom. But if you are, you have towels hanging everywhere. Maybe it is more the fault of the design of the master bath. But regardless, it was a mess. And it drove me crazy. My hubs didn’t like hanging both bath towels on the rack because they don’t dry as well. So one would be sloppily on the towel rack and another over the shower. The bath mat, if it made it over the tub as planned, didn’t dry well. Hand towel jumbled on the counter.


We had discussed various solutions for our towels. Command hooks were functional, but not pretty. Well we had this awesome set of hooks from Ikea that didn’t have a use in our home. One day I realized we should use them for our towels! It has five hooks (distressed silver finish) mounted on pretty white wood. So on Christmas (yup. He’s awesome.) the hubs removed the towel rack and hung the hooks.


How awesome does this look?! Room for all the towels to hang and dry effectively. So neat. We repositioned the type shelf with the shells and added these cute vintage bath prints I found recently!


My hubs is so great. He knows me so well. I came to look at the progress (I was breaking the rules by doing this) and he said he was positioning the new prints exactly in the middle of the space and equidistant apart. What?! So awesome. :)


I love the new look. It stays tidy.



Another 2013 home goal done! Before 2013!


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