DIY Magazine Holder

I. Love. Magazines. And again, my husband rocks and has bought me subscriptions to multiple magazines in the past year. I even scored a few more subscriptions for Christmas. I am learning which are my faves and which to pass on. Some I read every article (Better Homes and Gardens). Some I just look at and drool (House Beautiful). And others I just skim (Real Simple). So I have a lot of magazines. To make matters worse (more like better to me), my husband’s grandma has given me tons of her older issues of great magazines like Better Homes and Country Living. All this to say, I have a lot of magazines. They are stored all over our house– (neatly stacked) on a shelf on the coffee table, in our hutch, and (not so neatly stacked) in my nightstand.

However, the real issue is that monthly I am getting 4-6 magazines in the mail. And while sometimes I snatch them up and pore through them, most of the time I can’t do that right away. So where do they go, all sad and unread? On top of my nightstand in a messy pile. And what do I despise? Messy piles.

So I needed a place to put the recent issues that I need to read, or am in the process of reading, that could be tidy and yet not an eyesore. So I decided to make my own magazine holder, and make it pretty!


I started with a family-sized cereal box and measured, marked, and cut for the angled cut-out.


I love the look of sheet music, so I tore pages out a hymnal (call me a heathen, I know) and used Modge Podge to glue them on the box.


I tore out small strips so that they could be layered and make it more interesting. If you haven’t used Modge Podge before, it can be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels, and is basically a liquid glue. You use a paintbrush or foam brush to spread it on the surface and then apply the paper. I used this technique for the fall pumpkins. When doing something like this where the covering material is very uniform, I like to rotate the scraps and layer the edges to give it a more dimensional look.


After covering the entire box, I applied a thin layer of MP to the whole thing to seal the paper and keep it from peeling. It will dry pretty quickly and then you are done!


It looks great on my nightstand and is so functional! The magazines are a smidge taller than the box, and using a cereal box is not the most sturdy, but for my purposes it worked great. If it was going to be more on display and stand alone, a cardboard box of the appropriate size would be more sturdy. But I am just happy to have all my lovely magazines put away!



This a super cheap way to organize all those magazines we love to have around and make it look awesome. That is what I’m all about– making storage items look great for everyday use!

I’d love to hear from you with a comment and if you have any organization plans for the new year! I can’t wait to tackle my laundry room!

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One thought on “DIY Magazine Holder

  1. Great idea! I love the hymnal idea! It’s better than other options! I also love the photo of you and Daddy on your nightstand… ahhh….

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