Emperor’s Silk Desk Re-do

Ok so I told you about my change of heart for red here. The nightstand turned out great so I was excited for the desk next! This client wants several pieces all for one room, and wanted red!! We discussed using French Linen as a contrast color to the red, which would first be done with this desk. I was soooo excited to use French Linen because it is warmer than Paris Grey, much more my style. If I can confess, the first time I used Paris Grey I was disappointed by how cool the color was. All along I was looking for French Linen. So happy I’ve found her!


I asked my hubs to pick up this desk from Craigslist because it is from Pier 1 and has dovetail drawers! It has great areas for a contrast color, perfect for this room. The wood was in decent condition and would be not only a solid piece for years, but also gives a great distressed look.

The wood on the desk was very dark so it needed a second coat of Emperor’s Silk. This paint color is tricky. I found this on the nightstand- the paint needs to be thick going on or else it will probably need a second coat. Not all Annie Sloan paints are like this. Old White definitely needs two coats, whereas Duck Egg is good with one. Just have to work with it. After the Emperor’s Silk I painted the contrasting areas French Linen. I loved the look! I distressed with a medium sanding block then applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax. The lovely dark wood peeking through looks awesome and like this piece has already been loved for years. I spray painted the wooden knobs with my fave Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze, a great contrast to the French Linen.



I think she looks gorgeous! These colors work so well together.


This is going to be an awesome desk for my client’s family. You know what though, it would also be a great vanity! I can imagine a pretty mirror hanging over it, a jewelry tree and lovely mason jars (DIY mercury ones maybe?) on it to hold makeup. I might have to give it a try for the future!


Yup, it was just after Christmas (well, New Years…) that I took these pics. We then went out of town for several days so the decor is still up. I’m hoping to get it all put away this weekend. Anyways, what do you think of the desk? I’d love to hear about it in a comment! If you haven’t started following me yet, use the link at the top of the page so you won’t miss anything.

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3 thoughts on “Emperor’s Silk Desk Re-do

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  2. Cool! I picked up the same desk at a thrift store and am trying to figure out how I want to re-do it. Just happened to do a google search for Pier 1 desk to see if I could find info on the original finish and saw this in the images! It looks great! :)

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