French Linen Dresser


Hello friends! Sorry that it has been a while. While school is back in full swing, I have been busy this past week with my day job and painting frantically to meet a deadline for a client. I have gotten to try a few new techniques and am excited to share them soon.
So I have already gushed about how I love ASCP French Linen. I got the opportunity to use it again for the same client. She wanted a dresser to go with the nightstand and desk for the same room. We discussed using French Linen to soften the room with all the lovely red of the Emperor’s Silk.

This dresser came from a storage unit of my husband’s and was in great condition. It has nice clean lines, good color, and it’s BIG! After cleaning it I applied two coats of French Linen and then sanded with a medium grit sponge to distress and show its lovely wood.

I used a new wax this time and was a little nervous. I am about out of the AS Clear Wax and it now has a red tint from the paint. So I bought this MinWax Paste Finishing Wax from Home Depot for less than $10!


I was nervous because it is not clear- a slight tint, “Natural.”


But it went on smooth and looks great! I actually preferred the application over the Annie Sloan! And for less than half the price, it’s even better! I used my fave RustOleum Oil Rubbed Bronze on the original hardware and was done!

I apologize for the after photos, I usually love to stage it and use good lighting to really capture the beauty. But I was on a tight schedule to finish this and so just snapped a few quick pics in my clients garage.

It looks great!


Love the dark wood peeking through. The warm color is so beautiful and a great neutral for any room.


I know my client and her family will enjoy this piece for many years!



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