Updating the Chandy

I am stuck in bed. Flu. Blah. So while I spend the majority of the day sleeping, watching Gilmore Girls (my all-time fave show), and blowing my nose, I figured it was finally time to share the update of our dining room chandelier.

I actually bought this chandelier months ago, like right after we moved into our house I believe. I found it at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Have you been there? If you haven’t, GO! It’s wonderful. The proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity to build homes. This place is full of home supplies on the cheap. Like everything you could imagine. Bathtubs. Windows. Doors. Hardware. Paint. The list goes on.

I spotted this and thought I was hallucinating. I had been wanting to update the chandy but not for the full-price tags at Home Depot. So here was my chance. It had just come in, wasn’t even marked with a price yet. I asked about it immediately and was glad I did so because others inquired while I waited for the electrical wiring to be tested. I got it for $20! Such an incredible price. It looks as if it may have had glass before, but I like it so much better without. Don’t have to worry about cleaning it or a weird glare.

Anyways, I was determined to hang it myself. And I told the hubs that, and he held me to it. So it sat in the garage for quite some time while I gathered the courage. To work with electrical wiring for the first time. Agh!

Well it was on my list to do over Christmas break, and after reading a few tutorials online, I decided to go for it. So on Christmas afternoon, the hubs and I successfully tackled this project.

My most helpful tutorial came from here. It seems so simple. And really, it is. But I can provide a few tips to make life easier.

After turning off the breaker for this area, remove the old fixture. Ours was kinda blah, builder-grade, and that’s why I wanted to replace it. After you remove the base plate, the wires will be exposed! Pay attention to the wires!


Tip #1- Compare the heights and chains of the old and new fixture. If you want it at the same height as the old one, this will lead you to determine how much you may need to shorten the chain. It is not easy to do this once it is hung. Ha. I know from experience. Had to hoist a barstool onto the table to support the chandy while I removed chain links.



Tip #2- Pay attention to what wires were connected to which on the old chandelier- our colored wires were not the same as the tutorial. Thus, we had to mix them around and run out to the breaker box many times to make sure it would work!

Ok so after the old one is gone, attach the new cross-bar.



Then, configure the wires like they were on the old one (twist them together) and turn on the breaker to make sure it works!


Then, Tip # 3- Bunch up the wires into the hole in the ceiling for lack of a better term. What I mean is, if you have a lot of wire, like we did, do not assume it will all fit in the base plate. You could shorten the wire, but I wanted to keep the length in case we ever move and want to put it somewhere else from a higher ceiling. This baby is coming with me.


After the wire is stuffed up in there, you are ready to attach the base plate and be done! Tah-dah!


Seems simple right?! I think it took us about 2 hours, but could’ve been done in about 30 minutes. Hopefully with my helpful tips, it will be much easier for you!


But it was seriously worth the work and frustration. I LOVE the way it looks. It makes our dining room feel so personal because it is much more our style.


Do you have a chandy you have been wanting to change to personalize your home? Go for it! And tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you.


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