Duck Egg Record Cabinet

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been working hard to get several projects (I’ve posted this and this and this so far) done for a client before she moves across the country! Well they are all done and she and her family are on a long drive; I wish them the best on this new adventure.


My client had this great record cabinet that she wanted to give a fresh new look to better compliment her home. She loves the Duck Egg with dark glaze look I did on the coffee table, and wanted the same concept here.

I love Duck Egg because it goes on thick and covers in one coat, which I especially love when I’m going to do a glaze because that process can be tedious. After giving the entire cabinet a coat of AS Duck Egg I applied a coat of the MinWax Furniture Paste all over and buffed it smooth. Remember, you have to wax before glazing or else you are essentially just dying the paint, not accenting it.


This piece was a little different than the typical distress and dark glaze because it is not solid wood. So I was very careful to sand just enough to expose the white paint from its prior life. Then I applied my awesome RustOleum glaze, let it sit for a few minutes, and wiped it off to reveal this beautiful patina. The glaze shows in the sanded areas- that’s why I do a light sand all over and then concentrated in some areas- corners, edges, on the top- so the glaze will be darker and give the look of natural wear. In this piece the glaze is not as dark in the distressed areas, but the white paint is tinted, which still goes with the not-brand-new look.


As usual, I spray painted the original hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze by RustOleum and gave the entire piece a final coat of wax all over to seal. Again, you have to buff it after about 10 minutes (after it dries) so it won’t stay tacky and will give the smooth finish we adore!


She is ready to be used and filled with fabulous records.

Make sure to stay tuned for upcoming posts– I’ve used some new techniques lately in my custom work and have learned a lot that I cannot wait to share!


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