A Nautical Nursery Dresser

When this client asked me to paint a dresser for her daughter’s soon-to-be baby boy nursery, I was tickled! While we don’t have children (yet), I LOVE nurseries and their decor. She filled me in that her daughter and husband are not big on themes, but have chosen an antique nautical theme. What?! how incredible is that. She told me they had some family antiques to use. My excitement grew. So their idea for the dresser was a layer of Paris Grey followed by Emperor’s Silk, so that when it was distressed the grey would show. Now this is a client with style who knows what she wants.


To make things even better, the dresser they had for me was gorgeous! Beautiful curves, knobby legs, and wooden casters! I dove in right away with one thick coat (if I remember correctly) of the Paris Grey and then didn’t has the chance to work on it more until last week. I painted on the Emperor’s Silk, also one coat, and couldn’t wait to distress!



I have to give a little shoutout to an awesome product I use. Home Depot has these fab sanding sponges made by Norton. The great thing about them is that the “pores” don’t get clogged! What I do is once a side is covered in dust and has lost its “roughness,” I take it into the garage and smack it against a cinder block. It’s like clapping erasers. It might seem ghetto, but it gets the dust off so you can keep using it and make it last so much longer. I also discovered this weekend that you can get them wet and wring out all the dust. Another added bonus is that they are easy to hold and manipulate for crevices and curves. I have the handle for it but don’t use it. These babies are not cheap- about $3.50 each (I go for the multi-pack though), but they are worth it because they last and are so easy to use!

A clue though that makes them last longer is that I distress before waxing because the paint doesn’t stick to the sanding block. Obviously I distress after waxing for the glaze though.
That long discourse aside, sanding this pretty lady was fun! I loved seeing the Paris Grey show through. I roughed it up enough so that the grey was obvious, but the red was still prominent.
My favorites are the legs and curves. Delish.



After a coat of wax she was ready!




20130204-115801.jpgMy client picked out the hardware herself so that’s why it is not in the photos. However, she was nice enough to bring a few with her when she picked it up for a few photos! Perfect for an antique nautical baby boy nursery.


How cute are they?!


What do you think of this piece? I would love to hear about it!


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