De-cluttering and an Announcement (No, I’m Not Pregnant!)

For the past few months the hubs and I have been thinking and praying about leaving our current location and his job for a new opportunity. In mid-January, we were offered a fantastic opportunity to move to Fort Smith, Arkansas, for the hubs to work at a wonderful church with a friend of ours. Just a few weeks later we visited and loved it there. He was offered the job, accepted, and started there this week.

I am from California, so moving to Texas was enough of a shocker to some. But when I have told people I will be moving to Arkansas, I get a “Arkansas?!” I must assure you that it is quite lovely. A city of almost 100,000, a river winds through it, and there are a myriad of tall trees, parks, and lakes. A dream for a couple like us who like to be outside.

I’ll join the hubs up there in a few months after I finish school, but we wanted to get our home on the marked asap. With that, we had to get it ready. I’m going to be honest, it was hard work. Think about watching “Buying and Selling” on HGTV with the Property Brothers– staging is everything.

So we went to work. We de-cluttered like crazy. This was great because it also helped us to pack a lot of stuff! And we deep cleaned the entire home top to bottom. It is now much easier to maintain since our dogs are living with family (so sad. I miss them so much).

Check out the amount of magazines I got rid of!

photo(3)This many times two. I wanted to flip through and tear out pages when my husband got me there: “Isn’t that what Pinterest is for?” Ugh. Out they went.

There are two big concepts about staging your home for sale: de-clutter and de-personalize.

To begin with de-personalize, this made me sad a little bit. All of our pictures came down. Which was A LOT. It doesn’t feel as much like our home, but it looks good! The idea is for buyers to be able to envision themselves there.

While de-personalizing was not so fun, de-cluttering went swimmingly. I didn’t realize how cluttered some parts of our home had become. There are a few specific areas I have really loved the difference!

Nightstands. This is not a picture of our pre-de-clutter nightstands, it’s of our glorious de-cluttered nightstands. Love them. We both removed all of the books and big picture frames (I replaced with a smaller one) and it is so much more open. It doesn’t make me nervous to look at.


Bookshelves. I cannot show a full picture, because it’s still not pretty. There are cords running across the wall and it’s half-full of non-pretty school textbooks. It’s not my ideal bookshelf, but it looks better. I can see the difference of not filling it to the brim with books, but instead staging by filling half-full, mixing with stacking books and adding items to break up the monotony.

photo(7) photo(6)

Bathroom drawer. It was a mess. My lil’ plastic organizer had been the catch-all for contact lens boxes, bobby pins, hair ties, nail files, and more. So to keep it separate I utilized what else but Mason Jars?! One each for bobby pins, hair ties, and nail goodies. It has kept things corralled and I love it.

photo(5)So even though I’m lonely without my hubby, we have benefited just from getting our home ready to sell. I have been able to see how things look like less cluttered, and how much I enjoy it, thus I am apt to repeat this after we move.

Hope you have a great day!


One thought on “De-cluttering and an Announcement (No, I’m Not Pregnant!)

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a beautiful town and a wonderful job opportunity. I am sure God is leading both of you so it will be wonderful to walk the path He has chosen for you.

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