Duvet Ties Tutorial

Sometimes I wish I could take a poll for things like this. “Who (like me) has a duvet cover?” Hands go up. “Who (like me) has a problem with their down comforter getting all bunched up at the bottom of it?” Hands? Anyone?

Well, I do. It drove me nuts. One day, I decided to do something about it. I decided to end my misery, much like my great purchase of “sheet suspenders.” I did a little looking online and decided to make ties in the corners of the duvet cover and the comforter to hold it in place. Let me explain…..

I drew a little picture to help me wrap my head around it.


Crude, I know. But the gist is to measure your duvet, measure your comforter, and determine the length between each corner if the comforter is centered. So, my duvet cover was 6″ longer than the comforter– 3″ on each end for each corner.

From this, I decided to make loops on the comforter and ties on the duvet. This would allow me to tie the comforter to the duvet. I needed to bridge a gap of 3″, so my loop needed to be 3″ long so that the comforter would stay in the middle, and the ties would be tight. Don’t worry, I have pictures.


I bought this hemming tape from Hobby Lobby for a few dollars because it is cheap, thin, and sturdy. I bought 4 yards, 1/4″ wide. Actually, now looking back I think I calculated wrong– I needed 40″ total, which is barely more than 1 yard. I think I was thinking I needed 4 feet. Needless to say, I have tons left over!

I needed the length of the loop to be 3″ so I cut each strip slightly more than 6″. Then, I folded it in half and sewed (by hand) the ends to the corner of the comforter. I repeated this for all 4 corners.



Next, I just needed the ties to be long enough to… tie, so they were 4″ strips. I folded each in half and sewed the middle (fold) to the corners of the duvet. When I was done, I laid the duvet out with the comforter on top and tied them all together.


Marvelous! I flipped it inside out (this makes that process easier too) and it looks great!


I did this around Christmas, and it has held up great, even with several washes of the duvet. It keeps the comforter in the middle and looking wonderful! I wish I had done this so long ago!

I took me about 2 hours tops (I sew slowly) and was so worth it!


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