Pillow Talk

I love pillows. Meaning, throw pillows. Perhaps my favorite thing about them is how they can transform a room (that might be a strong word. No, it’s not) for such a low price. Let me rephrase that. A potentially low price. Throw pillows help to brighten a room, anchor a color, or provide contrast.

However, often times throw pillows are pricey. You can find cute ones for less than $30 at Target, which is a great price. But I’m going to be honest, right now that is not in my budget.


So around Christmastime the hubs and I were at Ikea (I’m going to miss it being so close) and I found this pillow case in the As-Is section. For three fiddy. Score. I had actually had my eye on this pillow for a while, and was stoked to find it for so cheap. So home it went.


I grabbed a pillow insert while I was there and failed to realize it was the wrong size. Actually, all the inserts are the wrong size. This pillow was only sold with the pillow form– and was in the As-Is section because it didn’t have the form. Fail.

But I couldn’t return it. And I didn’t want to. I love the embroidered floral and stripes on the back. So I decided to make it work.

I kept the nice down square pillow form and and got a super flimsy form on the cheap from Ikea.

This was my plan. The square form fits perfectly inside, but it is not wide enough by about 4 inches. Enter cheap pillow.



I cut it open and used the stuffing to surround the larger pillow form and fill in the space.



Looks awesome!



Funny how when you take on one project it snowballs….

Well, I also picked up a few pillow cases at a garage sale this weekend! Super cute! The grey (graphic) and blue (greek) patterned ones below.


But to be able to use the new ones with what I had, I needed to do a little switching. So, the blue ended up on my bed because it has more of a green tone, which our bedding does as well.


And the yellow one from my bed went to the couch with the old grey one because there is yellow on the flowered pillow as well.


And it all looks awesome! I’m so happy! I wasn’t crazy about the pillows we had there previously, so getting these so cheap was perfect.


And, to top it off, the new flowered pillow has a similar motif as the new chair we got at a garage sale recently. More on that soon.


Do you love throw pillows too? Had any creative adventures with them? I had seen a lot of blog posts about using placemats or napkins as pillow cases… have you tried this?


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