Finally a Furniture Post: Striped Dresser

Finally a furniture post. Have you missed it? I have!

I’ve been working on this dresser for several weeks. Life. And this dresser has been around even longer– it was a storage auction keeper. It sat for a while, and I thought a lot about how I wanted it to look. Work with the stripe-y look or no? I was feeling adventurous, and so went for it.


It was in good condition, but had some scratches and chips. While the original contrasting stripes were pretty cool and I considered working with them to keep the wood exposed, there wasn’t enough that wasn’t damaged to make it work.

I thought and thought about colors. I had been wanting to try a piece with multiple colors again, and thought it would be fun to work with the striped detail the dresser had.

I started with French Linen for the body, a rich neutral.

I then used Old White and Florence for the drawers. I chose these two colors because they all work well together and contrast the warmer, darker French Linen. You can see in the photo above that the white/wood combo would have been beautiful, but alas, too much damage.


But I love the bright contrast of the Old White and Florence! It reminds me of spring.


When I put it all back together I loved the colors. It was almost too modern with the bright colors and bold stripes, but nothing some distressing couldn’t fix! Distressing all over shows the beautiful wood underneath and accentuates the details. Of course, I waxed all over with my fave MinWax furniture paste.

I decided I keep the pulls as-is in brass because brass is in! And they really popped.





I think she looks great and set for spring! What do you think of her? Do you like the bold stripes?


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