Vintage Garage Sale Chair

Life has still been crazy, especially with the hubs gone. So my creative work has unfortunately gone in the back burner so that I can focus on work, and school even more. I HAVE to finish strong! The hubs did get to come home and visit a few weeks ago and we were able to do one of our favorite things together: garage sale-ing. This is something that we have loved to do together for years, and it is even better this time year when the garage sales start to get really good. We are such pros I even wrote a blog about it here.

Now, some of you might think that we are crazy to go look at garage sales for “new” stuff when we are about to move. But, a lot of the things I look for at garage sales are things for me to repaint and sell (and hopefully have a booth one day soon-ish). And, we just like to check out the stuff. You never know what you’re going to find.


Take for example this lovely chair that we scored- we didn’t even start going to garage sales this day until after nine. By that time most of the good furniture is usually gone. However we were able to grab a couple great smaller pieces for me to work on and then we spied this chair.


I am in love with chairs like this with beautiful lines and beautiful, comfy upholstery. I’m looking to create more small conversation areas using chairs like this in our new home. This chair was marked at $35 but since it was the end of the day we were able to grab it for only $20!


It is very sturdy (actually some of the padding under is bunchy) the fabric is relatively clean, and it just has great bones. The thing about this chair that I love the most is the design of the wooden arms. It is so curvy and pretty, I just love it. The other great thing about this chair is that it doesn’t need to get reupholstered right away. This fabric would not be my first choice, but it is a lovely bright vintage floral pattern that I can definitely work with for a while until I can get recovered.


In fact, I’ll probably be redoing it myself because the hubs will not let me buy things to get reupholstered until I can do it myself. That will be after I take an upholstery class of course. After I finish my master’s degree and move and find a new job and take a breath. But he wants me to learn how to do it. I can and will.


We decided this is probably one of the best garage sale finds that we have ever made. It’s a keeper.


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