Our New House: Shutters, Be Gone!

Well, we are in!

Big thanks to a ton of awesome people who helped us including church interns, friends, and my mom (she was amazing)! It was a whirlwind weekend including pinning ceremony Friday night and then graduation Saturday morning. After it all, we drove up here to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and I finally got to be home with my hubby and see the new house for the first time!

photo 1 (11)

Did I tell you that he picked it out? That I only saw pictures before we put in an offer that day? Yes, it’s true. Perfectionist, type-A, has-an-opinion-about-everything-home-related me let my hubs buy a house without me seeing it in person. It was a matter of trust, and it was freeing. And let’s just say he made a lot of promises. Basically, “I’ll never say ‘no’ to anything you want to do.” Deal.

Well, the house is awesome. I love it. It needs a lot of love but I’ve got plenty of that.

My plan is to give you a home tour room-by-room. This is an older house (1979) and while it has “good bones,” it will need a total transformation in every room. I’ll give you current pictures of the room and then my plans for it including inspiration photos. I’ve been pinning like crazy.

But for today I can already show you something I’ve done that has made a huge impact. Huge.

The back of the house has a lot of big windows which face our backyard (obviously) which is gorgeous. But the windows were covered with shutter blinds. Tiny little ones. That you couldn’t see anything out of even if they were open.

photo 3 (7) photo 2photo 5 (4)

They had to go. Now.

And so they did. The day we moved in (well like the day after the middle of the night we got there) my mom and I got out the screwdriver and drill and went to town, taking them all down. It was liberating.

Take a look!

This is the dining room. Kitchen behind, living room to the right. Sorry about the “moving-in-mess,” we are, after all, still moving in.

photo 3 (10) photo 4 (10) photo 3 (9) photo 2 (11) photo 1 (12)

(I apologize for the dark photos, my “real” camera is on the fritz, so these are with my phone)

You see that wannabe-vintage-reminds-me-of-a-kinda-cute-shoppe-awning? Coming down very soon too.

How amazingly beautiful is the backyard?

And this is the living room. See that sliding door out of the left window? It goes into the dining room.

photo 3 (12)

photo 5 (5) photo 2 (13)

Yup, painting tape up already! :)photo 2 (12) See my lappy? That’s where I’m writing this! And watching my puppies love their new backyard. And a goose just flew by, like 3 times. I have never heard a goose in flight. It was awesome. Natural State here I live! photo 4 (12)

And yes, even shutters over the window between the living room and kitchen. photo 1 (13)What a difference! It was an instant change, so gratifying.

With the shutters gone it seems so much more open and so much more light is let in.

Since I’m not working right now (besides hopefully selling a few pieces of furniture), we don’t have a ton of moolah to make the big changes to the house I would love to make (more on those later). So it felt great to do something free that made such a huge difference!

Of course I am filling the holes and have plans to paint all of the window trim bright white but really, that’s a minimal cost.

So there you go, the first look at our house! What do you think? I hope you will stay tuned for this journey we are now on!

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8 thoughts on “Our New House: Shutters, Be Gone!

  1. When I was just looking at the pictures, I was marveling how open everything looked. That did wonders for the whole look. Love it!

  2. wow, new house looks awesome! steven did a great job :) glad to see you’re settling in–can’t wait to see your future projects!

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