Our New House: Living Room Inspiration

Well, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I have already done some work to the living room. Paint! I don’t waste any time. You probably want to see photos of the new paint. But, I really wanted to do this chronologically. I promise a reveal of the new paint soon. But doing this post first will really give you an idea of the “before” and my plans.

If you read the post about the shutters coming down, you got a little preview of the living room.

But this room still needs work.

floor plan 2

I found this great website (free and you don’t have to sign up) that let me create my own floorplan of the house so y’all can get an idea of the space. You’ll see this again. :)

Pretty cool, huh? The kitchen cabinets are a little wonky. I was having problems rotating them. But do not worry your little head, I will include plenty of photos when we get there! Right now, we are in the Main Living Room.

Check it out.

photo 2 (15)

The wall behind the couch is shared with the kitchen. See the fridge peeking through the window?

photo 3 (13)

The doorway here is to the front entry, and the hallway to bedrooms is barely visible through the doorway on the left.

photo 2 (16)photo 4 (13)photo 5 (8)

Here are the awesome things about the room:

It’s a large space

It’s semi-open to the kitchen and dining room

Brick wall with fireplace

Huge windows

All awesome things for a good living room.

Here are the things that make this room a little bit difficult:

It’a allllll beige. The brick fireplace. And the paneling on the walls. And somehow the trim and crown moulding is off-white.

Carpet. In decent condition, just not my cup o’ tea.

The brick fireplace wall limits seating on one of the large walls of the room.

Ugly ceiling fan

Now, not a bad list, really. I mean, I obviously can’t/won’t change the brick fireplace wall, but the others are easy to change, with time.

What I want to change:

Flooring. I pretty much hate carpet. It’s so hard to keep clean, especially with big dogs. And the klutz that I am. I want wood or wood-like flooring. This is going to have to wait several years until you know, I have a job. And we have bigger fish to fry in the house first.

Wall colors. Although our last house was probably a similar color, the light beige carpet makes it worse I think. And there are a lot more walls in this house (it’s not as open), so it feels more beige. I want to paint the fireplace brick wall an accent color that is bright, fresh, and calm. Like mint. And the rest of the walls a warm grey.

Replace the ceiling fan with something more modern.

Bamboo blinds. These look great, provide privacy, and yet still let a little light in.

Curtains. I’m undecided about white or colorful. We will have to see how the room evolves.

Paint all the trim, crown, and mantle a bright white.

So to give you a visual of my ideas, here are some inspiration photos.

Dining: Grey + white + timber (Paint Valspar Morning Lake) master bedroom

Ok this is obviously not a living room. But the gorgeous floors, wall color, and bright trim are spot on.

Don't use your fireplace? Don't let the place go to waste, stack collectible books with colorful spines inside.

Love this brick fireplace color. It is so clean and fresh.

white curtains and bamboo blinds

Beautiful bamboo blinds and light curtains to soften the room and provide privacy.

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How about a cool ceiling fan like this one?

bead board

Love these white sofa and chairs! They make the space bright and clean.

MY STYLE...the Kew Dhurrie / Kilim Poufs from west elm. They remind me of a modern, yet rustic take of Turkish floor coverings #Horchow

Poufs to make up for the lack of (comfortable) seating along the brick wall.

Well this was a looong post. Thanks for hanging in with me. All of my inspiration photos are from Pinterest! Suprised? This kind of post is the biggest reason why I love Pinterest. It allows you to pin things to get ideas and inspiration. And after lots of pinning, you see what you really like: the types of rooms, colors, finishes you are drawn to.

So what do you think of my living room and the future plans? I’m so excited to share with y’all how this room evolves! I love the changes that we have made already, so there will be new posts coming soon.

Oh! And you may notice a few minor changes to the right side bar. I (finally) played around with the blog to make it easier to “follow” me by receiving email updates and find me on Facebook. Cool stuff. Take advantage of the convenience of technology!


2 thoughts on “Our New House: Living Room Inspiration

  1. Great ideas especially the paint, blinds and wood flooring — some day. White sofas look beautiful but you may want to reconsider until the dogs and kids are grown/gone unless you want dirt to show up.or be cleaning all the time! We had of white furniture once and guess who spilled coffee?! It was never the same…

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