New House: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

To continue on with the New Home Inspiration series, I am going to share about our guest bathroom. I picked this one because it is going to get a little work done while I am here for the month.

And now, please refer to my handy-dandy floorplan.

floor plan 2It is the bathroom at the end of the hallway all the way on the left.

And here is it in its current (sad) state.

photo 4 (17)

Can you tell what I am going to do first? :) This above photo was taken from in the shower/tub- the door in from the hallway is on the left. photo 5 (11)

The tiny door on the left is a little closet! Holla for storage! And the door on the right is the door from the hallway in. photo 5 (14)

And yes, a window with more tiny shutters.

This bathroom is in pretty good condition. It basically just needs some cosmetic updates. I like the white tile, it is clean and in good condition, so that is a great starting point.

Here is what I do not like about it:

The wall color, olive green.

All of the brass fixtures

Linoleum flooring

The lighting

None of this is a big deal. Especially because I have a plan. Surprised?

I am not a fan of decorating a room with a “theme.” My reason for this is that it is hard to edit in the future when you want to change it without doing a complete overhaul. And I would prefer for all the rooms of my home to feel cohesive. This can be achieved by using similar color tones of paint and textiles, common accent colors, and a general “vibe” to the house that flows in every room (like country, rustic, shabby chic, coastal, etc).

Many of you know that I hail from Southern California, and spent much of my childhood vacations at the beach. We moved to a coastal community when I was in middle school and I lived there until I was 20 when I took a risk and moved to Texas. That is a story for another time. So, I am a fan of (some) coastal decor. It has fond memories of a very calming, serene, organic, and beautiful life.

We already have some beach-inspired items from our last home, and I love the memories that come flooding back when I look at reminders of sunny SoCal. So as I consider a coastal-ish guest bathroom, I look at a unique way of curating this room. I am not going to buy a shower curtain with a beach theme or a shell-shaped rug. Instead, I think about what colors, textiles, and pieces remind me of my dear coastal town, or any others.

Colors (and lucky me they happen to be some of my faves): Grey, light blue, navy, mint, coral, white, tan, brown.

Accents: Shells, rope, distressed wood, glass, stripes.

Now as I’m writing this I’m like, how does this not seem like a theme? Let me tell you.

As I continue to curate the rest of our home, you will see more coastal-inspired decor. It’s an interesting mix of rustic, shabby, French country, farm, and coastal. But it reflects who we are. I grew up in Southern California, my husband in Texas, and we now live in Arkansas. Our home is a reflection of us, where we are from, and what we love.

With this in mind, here is where I plan to go with a coastal-inspired bathroom.

I’m going to use the same mint paint from the fireplace on the walls. This color reminds me of beautiful water. And we still have paint left, so this aspect of the transformation will be free!

I want to find a grey-striped shower curtain (or make one) like this which gives a rustic nautical vibe and also is a similar textile to to a lot of our house. (I also obviously love the clawfoot tub, wainscoting, and rustic accents)

White towels and some colorful accent towels and rug (coral?) will brighten up the space.

for mission "whiteify the linen closet"

Garnet Hill Signature Towels

I’ll use our antique type-drawer filled with shells to round out the rustic look.

I want to replace the towel rack with hooks which can hold more towels, similar to what we did in our master bath at the old house.


I’ll paint the vanity, medicine cabinet, and cupboard with a fresh coat of white.

Eventually I would like to replace the linoleum flooring with something gorgeous like this marble hex tile.

I am not a fan of the brass frame on the mirror, and would love to either replace with a more unique mirror or frame out the current one with chunky white molding.

And finally, I want to remove the vanity lighting and replace it with something like this that is more industrial.

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve for the bathroom decor, but I’ll wait until they come together to share.

So does the coastal-inspired-but-not-a-theme make sense now?

I’m very excited about this makeover and can’t wait to start! It will be a slow process though, but that is the best way to make sure it is done right and on a budget.

What do you think? Are you a fan of themed rooms? Any plans for your bathroom? I always love hearing from readers, whether your opinions about my post or sharing your own experiences.


One thought on “New House: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

  1. Great ideas and plan! I love coastal bathrooms, too! The can be playful without being childish. I am glad it brings you fond memories!

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