Vintage Postcards

Sorry the blog has been slow this week, the hubs and I headed to a romantic cabin getaway in the middle of the week to celebrate our third wedding anniversary! Yahoo! Best three years ever. And it keeps getting better.

Sadly, I leave to go back to Texas for almost two months in about a week. So I am hustling to get a lot finished around the house before then.

Today I want to show you a quick project that I actually did several months ago, but they just now went on display in our new home.

Several years ago, I received a handful of beautiful vintage postcards of areas of San Diego (my home) as a gift. In college I had them taped to my mirror, but I knew someday I wanted to frame them. I love the age of the postcards and yet how timeless they are. These sites truly represent my home in San Diego, which in my opinion is the best place ever!!

Well that “some day” came. I requested that the hubs save me a bunch of picture frames from garage sales for me to paint. I started by spray painting them all white, but the frames did not take the spray paint well at all.

photo 1 (34)

photo 3 (29)

photo 4 (27)

So I went for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for all the frames. This paint covers anything. I may have been able to make the spray paint work by sanding a little first, but I didn’t want to do it. And I love the way the frames turned out with the chalk paint. Since the paint has a matte finish, it gave the frames a more vintage look.

Some of these frames have intricate details and carving (below); others are more plain (above). But I love how they are all unique, especially for this project when you are working with vintage items.

photo 1 (33)

Here is what I used for the project. The postcards were not uniform in size so I wanted something to mat them onto. The old dictionary pages (also used in my doggie silhouette project) continue the vintage look but are a nice neutral so that it doesn’t compete with the postcards.

photo 2 (32)

How lovely is this? This is Oceanside Pier, which is not far from my hometown, and is so fun to walk along on a sunny day.

photo 4 (26)

photo 3 (28)

To display the postcards, I taped each to a dictionary page and cut the page to the correct size for the frame. After framing them all, they got packed away before the move and never hung. It made me sad. But when I decided to give our new guest bath some coastal inspiration, I knew these would be perfect artwork!

Here is the finished product! On the newly painted guest bathroom walls!

photo 1 (38)

This is Balboa Park, where one of my cousins got married when I was in high school. It was gorgeous.

photo 2 (37)

I tried to pair them in ways to balance out the beachiness.

photo 4 (30)

This is Alt (old) Carlsbad, my hometown! I think this is actually the mineral water plant. Pretty, huh?photo 3 (27) Ode to a classic San Diego scene, a surfer! I love watching people surf, especially my brother. If you are thinking it, yes, I know how to surf. Know how being the key words. However, I am terrible and a little a lot afraid of big waves and getting hurt. Let’s just say it’s happened 2 (31) And these are the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, about down the street from my mom’s house. Ranunculus bloom in colored stripes in the spring up a hill. It’s stunning. I remember going here as a child and it was just a gravel parking lot, no charge. Now, it is a tourist attraction complete with admission charge. But it is still breathtaking. photo 1 (32)photo 5 (18)

Sorry for the weird angles, I am not quite done with the bathroom and want to give you the full reveal. But, you can see how the frames work together being united in color and size. And the vintage postcards just look awesome. I love the vibrant colors.

I love how these look in here and I love how I feel when I look at them. I get nostalgic and a little homesick. I have been to each of these places and have fond memories of times with family and friends associated with them.

I love where I was brought up and how beautiful it is.


6 thoughts on “Vintage Postcards

  1. Love the postcards and framing! Can’t wait to see the big reveal of the rest of the bathroom! Let me know when you’re back in Texas! Would love to catch up!!!

  2. Glad to hear that your childhood memories are good ones! :) Photos are a great way of helping me to keep focused on the blessings of life, too!

  3. These pictures make me miss home (San Diego) and anywhere So Cal! I’ve taken several photos of San Diego that I absolutely love and have kept hidden away for fear of damaging them. This post makes me want to have copies made for frames.

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