Garage Sale Lamps, Target Stenciled Shades

I shared earlier this week about the garage sale lamp makeover here I performed with spray paint. Did you read it? Go on, I’ll wait, it’s the other half of this post.

Ok, so you saw how the lamps looked a billion times better after they were spray painted. But I still was not happy with the shades. First off, they did not match. And the lamps did. Which bugged me.

The shades were from good ol’ Target originally so I headed there to find a match to this grey drum shade that I did like.


Well, they didn’t have it. I mean we bought them like three years ago so not really a shocker. Now, we did have two of these cream shades (the other was on a different lamp).20130326-220156.jpg

Also from Target, but it just wasn’t making me go crazy. It was just blah and too light and plain for our room. But, we had them already, and they were in perfect condition. And did I mention we already had them? = free.

Well recently my friend Jessica (shout out! hey girl you rock!) sent me a picture of how she had stenciled the top of her dining room table that she painted. It turned out so awesome. Side note. She is the one who bought the blue table we had in our breakfast area in the old house in Tejas. Well, after she came to my house a few times for study group and we talked about all the furniture I paint and the home decor I love, she jumped on in. Head first. Seriously. This girl is going for it in her home and I love it! So anyways her stenciled dining room table (acutually her original table that she painted) gave me an idea.

So when we talked soon after on the phone I asked her about the stencils. She gave me the 411. Martha Stewart. Michael’s. 40% off coupon. Lots of stencils, one pack. Boom. I was sold.

I headed to Michael’s last week and made it right before they closed, downloading their app on the way over so I could use the coupon.

Well, Jess was right. Martha Stewart makes a lot of beautiful stencils. After looking intently, but quickly, I purchased the same ones my dear friend had and gleefully went home.

I was going to stencil our lamp shades, duh.

So later that week I got to it. Here is how I did it.

First I had to decide what stencil to use. On the package, there was the perfect one. I know, not very original, but still, perfect.

Here is what I assembled for the project:



Wax paper

Small foam brush

Painter’s tape

Paint- I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (surprise surprise) in French Linen. My fave warm grey, perfect for our room and a great darker color for against the shade.

photo 2 (35)

First, I stenciled my design on the wax paper. I would just barely dip the foam brush into the paint and dab it on. I did this on the wax paper so I could see how it would look on the shade before I committed.

photo 1 (37)It looked great and the size (my main concern) was perfect so I proceeded.

photo 3 (31)

The great thing about chalk paint is that it dries quickly, so I was able to do this project in not much time.

photo 4 (29) One-third there! Lookin’ goood.

photo 5 (21)Almost there! Yahoo! The cute little bee went on and I was done. And so pleased with how they turned out.

photo 2 (38) photo 3 (33)They look fantastic with the light off, a perfect addition to our room.

photo 3 (36)

But I like it with the light on even better.

photo 1 (42)You can see the paint isn’t completely opaque (probably because of the shade’s material) and I love it that way. It makes it look more vintage.

photo 5 (23)

Don’t they look awesome?!

photo 4 (35) photo 4 (34) photo 3 (37) photo 2 (42)

(Side note. You see that cute lumbar pillow? It was a buy from a local store in Fort Smith when I was visiting my hubs. The other side completes the song, “you make me happy when skies are grey.” Apparently my hubs flips the pillow based on the weather! He’s so adorable.)

Dang the curves on the lamp are gorgeous! And the color is so rich. 1 (41)By the by, the stencils were like $16 originally, but with the coupon were only about $10! Everything else I already had so this was a lovely cheap update to these shades. Plus, I’ll definitely use the stencils again. I already have plans for furniture.

A $10 update may not seem like a cheap one, but new lampshades are not cheap. Especially not cute ones. Plus, this is an original DIY, the best kind.

All in all, this lamp project turned out amazing. I love the new lamps and I looove the shades. I’m not banned from buying lamps anymore! And this shows how looking for quality and working with what you have can make an awesome product.

What do you think of my new lamps and shades? Have you used stencils before?

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6 thoughts on “Garage Sale Lamps, Target Stenciled Shades

  1. You are amazing! Whoda thunk? I love the look w the lights on. Very cute! I dont think I ever used stencils on furniture before…

  2. They turned out beautifully! I’ve always wanted to try stencilling, but have been concerned about cutting out designs. It never occurred to me i could just find some ready made stencils! thanks for sharing. :)

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