New House: Guest Room Inspiration

I’m posting this from the good ol’ state of Texas. I’m here for the summer to finish school. Yahoo! I tried to save some posts about the new home for throughout the summer to share, though it might be a lot slower than usual.

I’m kind of doing this post backwards because I’ve already made some changes to the guest room. However in order to give you my full vision of the room I wanted to do this inspiration post first. Have you seen the inspiration posts for our home? You can check out the living room here and guest bathroom here.

Here is a look at the guest room as it was when we moved in.  And after I did laundry but before the master dresser was done. The room itself is not bad, it’s a decent size and has two windows. However, the windows are covered with flimsy mini-blinds, ugly valances, and sheer curtains.

photo 1 (48)I’m also not happy with the bedding that is on the guest bed currently. Ok, so that is just the down comforter in the picture. I don’t have a picture of the duvet but it was chocolate brown with light blue ribbon. It used to be our bedding when we got married, but I’ve been wanting something fresh and bright. Not bright like neon yellow, but more airy. And new, for a good reason. I’ll explain when I do the post on the bedding.

My vision for the room is for it to be very calming and relaxing. I want guests to feel welcome when they are here. Although the room won’t look like this, here are some inspiration photos. They make me just feel instantly relaxed.

To me, the current state of the room is rather dark, in spite of the windows. The bedding is so dark (chocolate brown) along with the wall colors. More beige. Time to liven it up!

So here are my thoughts for the room.

I want to get new fresh bedding for this new bed. Fortunately the actual bed is not the same one we had when we were first married, that one was less than $100 off of Craigslist when I was in college. It was super uncomfortable and so it recently it was replaced. Score!

I would like to get a light duvet cover (I already have this one in mind from Ikea).

And the color of this throw pillow would be a great bold accent to the bedding. Or maybe green? Or blue? We’ll see. I’m planning to DIY it so who knows at this point!

I also want to get new bright white sheets to go with the new bedding. White sheets to me are a reminder of a fancy hotel and I want guests to feel extremely welcome and pampered here.

I also want to put a headboard behind the bed in front of the window. I don’t want to cover the window, I just want to give more substance to the bed and support for the pillows. We already had an old door that has been displayed in our house for a few years, and I would like to turn it in to a headboard.

I’m going to change up the night stand and lamp a little bit with paint to coordinate with the new bedding. I love the detail on these.

I have plans to paint the dresser in this room. You haven’t seen it yet. It’s gorgeous wood, but it has quite a few scratches. I think I may do a combination of paint and stain. I’m not sure about what color I’m going with yet, but this neutral dresser is lovely. Or maybe a bolder color?

Of course no room is complete without curtains, and I think some clean, crisp white ones from IKEA and bamboo roman blinds would be perfect for this room.

However, since the bed is in front of a window, long curtains might not be a good idea. So, how about a valance? This is a valance I can get on board with. With a different fabric of course.

DIY Valance Tutorial by Melly Sews

A chair makes the room cozy, homey, and inviting. If we can score another one from a garage sale like the ones seen in our house here and here I’ll be ecstatic.

To finish off the room, I want to paint the walls and update the ceiling fan. For paint I’m leaning towards the same gray we used our living room, but I’m not sure that this won’t be too much grey. I love the color though and so think that I can balance it out with the choices of color for the furniture, art, and accent pieces.

The art for the walls will most likely be curated from garage sales or my own photography. It will be a blast and contribute to the calm mood.

It will definitely take some time to create the relaxing getaway I imagine. But, I am excited to create a place for loved ones to come and stay in our home. I love for bedrooms to be serene where you feel relaxed and not shouted at from the decor.

What do you think of my ideas for the guest room? How do you make your guests feel at home?


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