New House: Living Room Update: Paint!

Happy Monday! Starting week 3 of 8 of summer clinicals/living in Texas away from the hubs. Even though we are both very busy, it’s still so hard being apart. However, he is coming to visit this weekend and I can’t wait to see his face and just hang out.

I am thankful for the blog in times like this when I am missing home. It is great to remember our home, what it looks like, the progress, and plans we have. Blogging helps me to be thankful for what we have and what I am missing.

I am so excited to review the progress of the living room with y’all. I am very pleased with how it has come together and how cohesive it is. It really wasn’t that long ago that I shared my inspiration for this room. There are still some changes that are going to take place for this room, but the big stuff is done for now.

As far as things to come in the future for this room, I have already picked out some flooring that we are hoping to install in the near-ish future. I will of course give updates as that project progresses. We are also working on a coffee table for the room, it’s a Pinterest project, so hopefully it will turn out well. It definitely has the potential to be awesome.

Okay but as far as what I did to the room, here we go. The first thing I did was paint. Do you remember the before pics?

photo 2 (16)

I want to apologize for some of the pictures. My big fancy camera is having issues that need to be resolved. And since the lighting is a little weird in the living room, we have iPhone pics.

Anyways, there was just so much beige in the room. I painted the fireplace first because I wanted it to be a feature wall since it’s brick. I picked this color from Lowe’s, Sweet Mint.

photo 4 (43) photo 5 (35)You can see that it came from this little color book of their Spring Palette and it even gives suggestions about how to use this color in your home. We had it mixed as a Valspar paint and primer in one and it had great coverage. However, painting brick, especially when it butts up to a non-brick wall, is kind of a pain. Since the brick had already been painted it wasn’t so much that it was so porous (which is important to remember if you are painting “raw” brick), but that it was, obviously,  very uneven. So this made taping off the adjacent walls quite complicated.

photo 2 (12)photo 2 (13)

Fortunately, since the original color of the brick was beige, it’s it only needed one good coat of paint. I used a long-napped roller to help with the variation of the brick and a large brush to fill in as needed. It was such an instant transformation and I was so excited about it.

photo 4 (20)

photo 2 (19)Even though the trim, mantle, and crown are not white in this picture, you can see how the paint made them pop more with a contrast of color from the off-white trim on beige wall.

As for the rest of the walls in the living room, I picked this gray from Valspar, Granite Dust.

photo 3 (45)You can see on the paint chip that I chose the darkest color, and was confident in it. No testing colors in this house. Not that you can’t or shouldn’t! I’m thankful I love the color! I had looked at a lot though. I looked on Pinterest a lot to see what kind of gray I wanted– warm, cool, greige, etc. I think it’s a happy medium of it all.

photo 3 (55)

photo 1 (60)

This color went on the three paneled walls of the room. This actually took quite a while to paint. There were a ton of holes and dents in the wall that I needed to spackle. And painting paneling is no fun. I used a 1/2″ napped roller for the large portions of the wall and then a brush for the grooves. Stinkin’ grooves.

And, it turned out awesome!

Then, I got ambitious. I decided that I wanted to paint the trim white. It was some off-white color, and since we had taken down all of the shutters we were left with holes everywhere. So I spackled all of the holes and I tried to sand them smooth, and got to work. photo 1 (59)

Important thing I learned- semi-gloss paint is not forgiving. It shows every. Last. Imperfection. So after the first coat of paint I actually went back and patched a few more places to try to make it smooth because it was noticeable.

We got a straight out-of-the-can paint and primer in one white semigloss by Valspar. Maybe my problem is that I hadn’t worked with semigloss paint before. Because I was all kinds of confused. It definitely needed two coats, which I did not anticipate. And this paint really liked to adhere to the tape. So after I stayed up super late putting the last coat on the trim of the door frame, and went to peel off the tape just about five minutes after applying the paint, it took off a whole strip pf paint. HUH? I always to that to prevent it from chipping if it dries. Ugh.

photo 2 (59)

Needless to say I was quite upset. Fortunately, the actual face of the trim that’s visible looking straight-on is fine, it’s just the side that butts up to the wall. So if you are in our house, just don’t look at that. At least until it bothers me enough to touch it up.

photo 2 (49)I painted the two windows, trim on the doorway, and mantle in this living room. And it looks so much better. The issue now though is that you can tell that the crown definitely is not white. I already knew this, but after the issues that I had with painting the trim, I am not as excited to use this paint again. I’m sure I could improve the process with some more research.  In my defense, before embarking on a new DIY project, I do try to do some research. Obviously I missed something. I think what would help would be to paint the trim first, and then paint the walls.

Just a pic or two to show off the paint…. a full reveal of the room is coming soon!

photo 4 (48)

photo 3 (54)

It’s so crisp and clean now!! I love the neutral of the gray and cool mint. It’s instantly soothing.

Do you love painting as much as I do? Have any plans to paint a room of your house? Any ideas of what I did wrong with the semi-gloss?

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