New House: Brick Fireplace Window Seats

We don’t have a big family. In fact for right now it’s just the two of us, humans at least. So we really don’t need a lot of places to sit in our living room. But, we really like to have other people over and so that’s why it’s so important to me that our house is comfortable and inviting.

My husband works with youth at the church, so there are always people to have it over. So when I saw our main living room, I was a little bit concerned about seating at first. The room is kind of complicated because three of the four walls have something restricting the seating (two doorways and two windows). photo 2 (15)However, the brick fireplace wall has a bench if you will. This is awesome because not only is it a feature wall but it also provides seating when needed. The issue is though that you are sitting on brick. So obviously I wanted to make this more 2 (49)

I considered getting a bench cushion for guests to sit on, but when I measured and did some shopping, I realized that I would be buying several cushions, and this would not look right. And getting something custom is not only too pricey, but really unnecessary we discovered.

My husband had sat here a few times already and so made the point that it’s not so uncomfortable to sit as it is to lean against the wall. Because of this, we were able to just get a few throw pillows to lean against. This made the project much more do-able.

So, I went shopping. I had first gone to Walmart to look at their bench seats and picked up 3 throw pillows as well. But I wasn’t crazy about them, although the prices were good. Then I went to Hobby Lobby for something else, and as always ended up wandering through the entire store. I found some super-duper cute pillows on sale and grabbed a few. Finally, I of course went to Target. The new Threshold line at Target is just fantastic. The styles and colors are right up my alley and so I know that I can always find something that I like. Which a lot of times is not good, but for this instance it was perfect.

So I grabbed four different pillows at Target and headed home with a backseat full of pillows.

I lined them all up on the bench at home and I tried to come up with some sort of arrangement that suited the varying colors and styles of all of them. They all worked well together, but in reality there was just too many of them. And when we tested them out, we realized that the super-duper cute ones from Hobby lobby with webbing and buttons on them were just not big or fluffy enough to actually be comfy for this space. Then after assessing the cost of the pillows we realized that we did not need seven pillows. In reality they would probably only be about four people sitting there at any given time. So with that we narrowed it down to the ones that we liked best, ones from the Threshold line at Target of course.

photo 2 (53)My awesome husband said, why don’t we just get one more of each of those (the ones that we like the best). He’s such a genius. So that’s what I 5 (37)

After lot loading up my car full of pillows to return, I was pleased to find duplicates of the pillows we liked the most at Target. I set them up on the bench and smiled. It looked perfect. Not too much, not too bright. We didn’t want too much going on with the pillows to detract from the lovely color of the wall. Although the main color on the brick is not a bright focal color, we didn’t want the pillows to compete with the wall. So we ended up with these lovelies.

photo 5 (36)I love the large graphic print and contrasting beige (yup!) colors on this large European pillow. And of course the pintucked pillow in bright coral is everything I love. The combination of these pillows is perfect- the balance in both color and print/detail.

photo 4 (45) photo 3 (48) photo 1 (53) photo 1 (54)These pillows are the perfect addition to the fireplace wall and make an obvious statement that it is a place where friends are welcome to sit and relax.


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