New House: Office Inspiration

Hi there! How are you? I’m pluggin’ along with school, counting down the days until I get to see my hubby again. I’m going home to Arkansas for 4th of July weekend and can’t wait to hang out, hopefully do some river tubing, and work on the home a lil’ bit. I am hoping to do a bit of work on the office, and so want to share my inspiration for this room.

I want it to be a space that is easy to work in and comfortable to read in. We both have the capability to do some work at home (to varying degrees) and so it is important that this space is very user-friendly. Believe me, our past offices have not been so. We had a desk that was so cramped we never used it. What good is that? We had lack of storage space that left the desktop a cluttered mess. Who can work there? I have learned from past mistakes what is conducive to a work-friendly office.

Here is the “blue print” of our home I made. The office will be the secondary bedroom on the right. It does have a closet, but only one window.

floor plan 2

Here are a few office photos I pulled from Pinterest that are inspiring to me.

I love the bright space, open desk, and mirror that reflects light.

I love the chalkboard behind the desk– how perfect is this for lists and thoughts? I’ve got a chalkboard window that will be perfect for this!

I love the comfy sitting area in this office and the big bookshelves. I don’t want the office to be stiff and stuffy, but a place to settle in and work comfortably.

As far as specifics, here are my plans.

Since there is only one window, I want to keep as much light as possible coming in, so I love these simple burlap curtains.

Since I plan to use a lot of wood in the room and there is only one window, I want the paint color to be bright. I love this light blue, and everything else in this office! The paint color is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I have had my eyes on this wingback chair from Ikea since the first time I laid eyes on it. I love the classic lines of the wingback and modern grey fabric. Every time we go to Ikea we sit in it and try to figure out when we can buy it. It’s very comfortable and has a lot of support– the perfect reading chair for the office. I like the ottoman, but something more colorful would be a nice splash of color as well.

The desk is actually done. I couldn’t find an exact photo of one like ours, but it is the legs of this one:

and the top of this one:

Again, from Ikea. You can’t beat the unobstructed wide work space, the rich wood, solid wood construction, and clean white lines of the legs.

I have been wanting a task lamp for the desk because it is so functional. An adjustable lamp makes this a true multi-use workspace. So a lamp like this is perfect.

ROVER TASK LAMPA big project I want to do is make bookshelves like these:

I am in love with the industrial vibe of these bookshelves, but want them to be much longer to hold all of our books. We like to read, people. The open back will help to keep the room open and light. I like over-sized shelves so that it’s not jammed full of books but has room for (a tasteful and a modest amount of) knick knacks. The wood and pipe construction makes these sturdy as heck. It doesn’t seem like a complicated project, but takes time and lots of pieces.

Finally, a room is not complete without art.

San Diego Print

We have a similar print of San Francisco that I love! It reminds me of trips with friends and my mom. These other ones above are reminders of places the hubs and I have been together that we have really enjoyed. I love beautiful reminders of good times together.

I hope this post portrays the look I am aiming for in our office: Open. Bright. Comfortable. Functional.

What do you think of my office ideas? Would you want to work here?


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