New House: Main Living Room Reveal

I am so excited to show y’all the reveal of our main living room! I was able to complete it while I was there in May, and can’t wait to get back and relax in it this week!

In past posts I’ve showed you my inspiration for the room, the paint for the room, and the window seat. Want all the details, check out these posts!

photo 5 (37)

But after all this work, I decorated the walls. To me, a room is incomplete without wall decor. This is what makes the room comfortable, homey, and give it personality. What hangs on your walls reflects who you are more than anything else.

If you’ve been around the blog a while, you’ll recognize a few of the pieces on the walls of the living room.

How about the antique screen door? Remember how I stapled chicken wire to it so I can hang enlarged photos I took from it with baby clothes pins? Easy transformation. In fact, I’ll show you another chicken wire frame project soon!

photo 3 (52)
The antique type-shelf? I love using this to display shells.

photo 3 (47)

photo 5 (40)

Have I shown you the Mod-Podge JOY letters? I showed you here how I used Mod-Podge and pages from a hymnal to transform the knob for the end table. Same concept on these letters from a craft store.

We have had this dresser since we were married, and believe it or not, it looked like this when we bought it! No painting needed. It’s perfect for storing DVDs.

What do you think of this new seagrass clock? It’s from Kirkland’s and I loved it because it goes with the coastal vibe I have going on.

photo 4 (46)

I think the wall colors and decor bring it all together without being overwhelming.

Since I call California home, these gentle reminders of the beach speak to my soul and help us recall the place the hubs and I love to visit.

What about the furniture? It’s virtually the same as before. Microfiber chocolate brown sofa and loveseat that we’ve had since we were married. So comfy!

photo 5 (41)

We are using three vintage suitcases stacked as an end table. I love displaying them. An old galvanized bucket holds our firewood. I love how these pieces brign charm to the room. All awesome garage sale scores!

photo 2 (57)

photo 2 (56)

photo 1 (57)

photo 1 (52)

We also have had the tiered end table (I painted it white last year) since we were married. Yes, another garage sale find. And I told you about that chair here. Say it with me, from a garage sale.

photo 3 (49)

photo 2 (54)

You also might recognize the Henredon end table. Yup, it stayed. :)

Well let’s see what made it from the inspiration post:

  • Painted the walls grey and fireplace accent wall mint. Love these colors! It really brightens up the room, and yet they are both serene.
  • Painted most of the trim and mantle. This was tricky, but it looks better. Bright white!
  • Created a seating area on the brick bench seat.

photo 4 (49)

Not on the inspiration, I:

  • Styled the mantle (post coming soon!)
  • Switched up throw pillows
  • Removed the shutters

And what’s left?

  • Hardwood-ish floors. Should be coming this year!
  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Paint the crown molding
  • Replace the ceiling fan
  • White sofas? We will see. I’m working on the hubs on that one still….

This may seem like a lot left, but I prefer to see the glass half full. The room looks totally different from when we moved in! photo 2 photo 2 (15) photo 3 (13)Talk about progress! Not bad, huh! I’m pleased with it.                photo 1 (54)What do you think of the progress on the living room? Any plans for your home soon?

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