Mantle Makeover

I think I may have mentioned before that I like love mantles.

Fall Mantle Decor

Remember how I raved about the mantle in our last house? And talked about how I decorated it for the holidays? And for fall? Geez. I really was over the moon about that fireplace. Truly. I. LOVED. it.

Fireplaces are one of those things for me that are non-negotiable in a house. They give warmth to a room (literally and figuratively). And my favorite part, they give you a fabulous place to decorate: the mantle.

So here is what our mantle looked like when we moved in. Sad. Lonely. Needed a friend or two. And a coat of paint. Enter me, mantle enthusiast.

photo 2 (19)We painted the living room, including the brick fireplace wall, and I painted the window trim and mantle bright white. photo 3 (44)

photo 2 (49)

Prettier, but still lonely. I used a few of the same elements from my mantle decor at the old house, including the DIY topiaries (still love them), but also incorporated new things as well.

I had this frame from a garage sale and wanted to make it more usable. So what did I get out? That’s right, my staple gun and chicken wire.

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (7) photo 3 (6)photo 5 (6) Much like I did in this project, I stapled the chicken wire to the frame. Except, I realized half-way through that I was stapling in a spot where the staples game through to the front. 1 (20) photo 2 (20) Enter jute and glue gun. I wrapped two lines of jute along the edge of the frame to cover the staples. 3 (19)

photo 4 (19)After it was all done, I used little baby clothespins to hold up a lovely photo of our first dance! Did you know that Sam’s Club makes enlargements for cheap?

photo 3 (18) photo 5 (16) photo 1 (19) photo 2 (18)I love how this frame turned out! It goes with the rustic vibe and also makes it super easy to change the photo or other artwork on the frame.

photo 5 (29)

As far as the rest of the vignette, I like to vary height, color, and depth (meaning how bulky a piece is) of the pieces. I feel like this creates a balanced vignette. For example, the topiaries may be tall, but the thin “trunks” and clean white pots don’t take a lot of visual space. In contrast, the domino monogram frame is a bulky piece with dense, neutral colors. But, these, and the rest of the pieces, serve to complement each other. photo 2 (19) photo 4 (37)I like to shop our house when creating vignettes like this– changing things up a bit without spending money.

photo 1 (54) What do you think of the mantle decor? Do you change yours throughout the year? Do you love mantles like I do?

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