Vintage Magazines

This post is about a few things in life that I am a big time sucker for. Magazines. Dogs. Kitchens. And all things vintage.

Several months ago the hubs and I were out at garage sales and I spotted this vintage Better Homes & Gardens magazine. It’s from 1962! It actually came from the garage sale that the table lamp that I rewired came from. I love this old magazine because it’s my favorite magazine, it’s old, and it’s about kitchens. I love the art on the front and rifling through the inside you can see how some things had changed and some have not. One thing that has stayed the same is want wanting your home to look fabulous.

photo 3 (21)My immediate vision for this magazine was to frame it and hang it in our home.
Of course, it sat in the garage. It came with us to the new house and when I had time to start thinking about what I was going to do with it, I realized that framing it was going to be an issue.

About the same time the hubs gave me this LIFE magazine for graduation. Don’t worry, he also gave me a beautiful ring. But this just shows how well he really knows me. He found this old LIFE Magazine with a black lab on the front from 1938. Right up my alley. This dog actually looks just like our own dog Zoe. Check it out.

photo 2 (3)

Dog SilhouettesSo after he gave this to me and said that I could pick out a frame for it, I again set out trying to find frames for these magazines.

Well, magazine frames do exist, but I don’t think that they are sold in stores anywhere. And, they just didn’t look that great online. I did try to mount them in shadowboxes but wasn’t pleased with the results at all.

So finally one day I was at Michael’s looking around to see what my options were and I came to the realization that I should frame just the cover of these magazines. I didn’t really have an intention of ever taking them out of the frame to be able to read them so just framing the cover would be a much cheaper and more visually appealing option.

So at Michael’s I picked out two frames (brown for BHG and black for LIFE) and had mats custom cut to fit the covers of these magazines. The covers were wonky sizes and I didn’t want anything cut off the edges from off-the-shelf frames and mats!

I had never done this before and it wasn’t exactly cheap, but it sure did look good. After I matted and framed the covers they were ready to be hung in our house. Of course the Better Homes cover went in our kitchen. And looks great. photo 1 (22) photo 5 (19)The LIFE cover hangs in our hallway, and I love looking at it because it reminds me so much of our dogs. Our dogs are so special to us, and Zoe was our first right after we got married. They are our family.

photo 5 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 1 (3)photo 1 (29) photo 2 (29)

And there she is sleeping in the photo above!

Overall these frames and mats cost about $60 for both. They had a buy one get one deal on the frames and I also had some coupons. I will say that it was worth it to pay a little more than I normally do for frames to have mats that are perfect for these magazines rather than just alright.

I love these pieces of art in our home. Although they were mass produced at some point, these issues are special to me and specific to our taste. Using vintage art such as magazine covers is a great way to express your interests in your home in an unique way.


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