Vintage Chandelier Makeover

You know what’s cool? More people I know are starting to know about my DIY tendencies and are wanting to help the cause. Meaning, they are willing to give me their stuff. It’s amazing.

One particularly awesome instance was a friend and professor of mine from back in Texas. She let me know that she had an old chandelier she was ready to let go of and thought I might like it. She sent me photos and I fell in love. I said I would love to, you know, take it off her hands.

photo 1 (62) My friend had said it had a cool story and she filled me in when I went to pick it up. A friend of hers was moving into a duplex that was being renovated and this chandelier was going to be tossed! So my friend became its “foster parent.”  I can’t believe they wanted to trash his beautiful piece.

photo 5 (42)

When I got home I assessed it. I wanted to make sure it worked before doing any work on it. So we took down the old chandelier (yay!!) and wired up the new one like we did with the one at our old house here.

Have you seen the chandy that was there? Ick.

photo 2 (2)At least the new one worked. Whew.

So we undid our work and I took a closer look at it. It has a very short chain so I measured to make sure I didn’t need to lengthen the chain. I recently read that the chandelier should be 30-36″ above your table. Our ceilings are not very high so we were good!

photo 2 (62)I also wanted to make sure it had all the crystals. It did! Bling bling!!

photo 3 (57)

A little cleaning and they were lovely.

photo 4 (53)It did definitely need a fresh coat of paint. I considered mint, pale blue, yellow, and even brighter colors, but decided on white. I picked up this Rust-oleum hammered spray paint from Home Depot.

photo(8)Look at how we rigged it up to paint. This way I could spray paint the whole thing easily. When I was about 75% of the way done, I ran out of paint. Back to Home Depot.

photo 1 (4)I think the humidity kept it from drying quickly… because when we took it back inside later to put the crystals back on, it stuck to the carpet. Ugh.

Really you can’t tell though. I mean the paint has the hammered style anyways so a few more bumps doesn’t matter to me. :)

We I hung it back up (at like 3 am) and it looks fabulous!!

photo 5 (8)

photo 4 (13)The white looks so clean and classic. Ah.

photo 2 (40)  photo 4 (33)What a difference it makes! And cost less than $15 for two cans of spray paint to completely transform this beauty! I had anticipated spending up to $300 on a chandelier eventually so this is a huge blessing.

photo 5 (33)

Uh, hello. Awesome right? Plus, this piece definitely has character to go with our old-ish home (relative to our previous home that was almost brand new).

So what do you think? I love how much better this room looks. A little lot of spray paint can go a long way to spruce up your home.

So when you pass an old but pretty light fixture at a garage sale, thrift shore, or friend’s house, consider its potential!!

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