Wedding Shadow Box

You might be able to tell that I am a sentimental person. I framed a map of the city my husband and I met, fell in love, and were married. I hang photos of us all over the house.  So when I wanted a way to remember our beautiful wedding, I decided to use a shadow box.

wedding shadowbox
I purchased the shadow box at Hobby Lobby for 50% off making it $25. I made sure to get one that opened from the front because it seems easiest to assemble. I love the nice grey fabric of the backdrop, it’s a perfect neutral for this project.

Here is what I used: my bouquet, a copy of our marriage license (it’s so pretty), a personalized napkin, a boutonniere (yes, they were faux), a Save the Date, a piece of our coffee mug favor, my headband, our program, a piece of the ribbon from our table décor, and our wedding cake topper.

Dried Flower Preserving SprayTo preserve the bouquet, which was Star Gazer lilies, I used a floral preservative spray from Hobby Lobby ($6). I obviously couldn’t preserve it right after the wedding since we went on our honeymoon, so my maid of honor hung it upside down for me after the wedding to let it dry out. And then it took me months to do anything with it. Sure, the petals are brown, cracked, and fall off but I think it still looks beautiful. If anyone knows how to make a bouquet not do this please share in the comments!

photo 5 (43)My favorite thing about the bouquet is how personal it is. My husband’s grandmother brought the monogrammed handkerchief back from Italy for me for the specific purpose of wrapping it around my bouquet. And my best friend and maid of honor gave me the locket with the photo of my dad and I for my bouquet.

photo 2 (61)I used pearl-topped straight pins from Hobby Lobby to secure everything in place. I didn’t mind layering things as long as the significant parts were visible. I tried to use as few pins as possible, but made sure the bouquet was secured well since it is heavy.

photo 4 (52)

I loved how it turned out! This is so special. Say it with me, awwwww. photo 5 (18)

photo 4 (34) photo 3 (36) photo 1 (39) photo 2 (21) photo 1 (21) photo 3 (20) To tell the truth, I actually made this shadow box before and when I went to hang it up, it didn’t grab the nail (because the hanger was bent) and it fell. And broke. I was so sad. But I let the hubs hang this one, and it’s up to stay! Kinda a boring photo…. It’s on this small wall next to the bathroom doors in our bedroom.

photo 1 (40)Note: if you want to do this, plan ahead! I didn’t and wish I had more to include like an invitation from the wedding. I recommend asking family to save things like a program, napkin, favor, etc. for you. They could even preserve the bouquet for you while you are on your honeymoon. Don’t be like me and have to hunt for it all after.

photo 2 (39)

I was so happy when I finished it and hung it in our room. It’s such a sweet reminder of that special day I married my best friend and we promised to care for one another, always.


19 thoughts on “Wedding Shadow Box

  1. I made one of these as well, and hung it at the bottom of the staircase so I can see it every morning! I love how you incorporated your bouquet, and how personal that detail was–what a special memory

  2. I read that you should send one of your invitations to your own house as “Mr & Mrs” ON your wedding day so the postmark is that date. That woudl be a fun thing to include too.

  3. I preserved my bouquet by buying a box of silica gel at Michaels. It worked great!! I had star gazer lilies as well and it preserved the white and color in the flowers. Plus, you can dry out the silica gel in the oven to reuse it when finished.

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  5. Hi there, I just used silica gel to preserve my bouquet, it dries them out but kept the color and pretty perfect shape of the flowers, how I’m on the hunt for a shadow box. How did you adhere everything to the back of the box? Did you use glue? If so what kind. Beautuful!

    • Thanks for sharing that tip! I attached with push pins. Although glue (I’m imaging hot glue) is probably more practical so it doesn’t all move if you move it (speaking from past experience). Great idea I may need to try it!

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  7. Hi there!

    So after hanging your bouquet upside down did you rearrange the bouquet or did you just push it into the shadow box? I having mine hanging currently but wonder if I should unwrap it after it’s dried and rearrange before placing in a shadow box. Let me know what you did or think. Thanks!

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