Made-My-Own Chalk Paint

Hey there! It’s a lovely day here in the Fort. Cooler (well for Arkansas), breezy, and dark clouds. I’m hoping for storms later!

The hubs and I did some garage sale-ing earlier today and found some great furniture to redo! I’ll be a busy bee, which makes me happy to get the creative juices flowing. So hopefully you’ll be seeing more furniture on the blog. Yay!

Well if you have been following me for a while, or if you have used chalk paint before, you know that it is an awesome product. Awesome. Why you ask?

  • It’s water based, meaning easy clean-up
  • Very low VOC’s and no odor- you can paint inside without going crazy!
  • You can use it on furniture, walls, metal, glass– pretty much anything
  • Annie Sloan (the chalk paint I use) has beautiful, deep European colors
  • THE best part– no sanding or priming needed. Just brush on!

However, with all of these lovely qualities, it is pricey. Almost $40 for a quart. Now, it goes a loooong way. And many colors only need one coat. But if you are looking to experiment, this is a lot of moolah to drop.

So I thought I would try my hand at DIY chalk paint. Like I mentioned, there are beautiful colors, but there are limited colors. So when I wanted to try out a bright yellow, I decided to go on my own.

I had read about DIY chalk paint before and used this blog for my own recipe.

Here are the goodies I assembled:

  • Unsanded grout (I picked up the slightly-used bag at the Habitat ReStore for $2)
  • Paint cup
  • Stir stick
  • Measuring spoon
  • Latex paint (I already had this)

photo 1 (67)Per the recipe on the link above, I mixed 1 cup of paint with 1 tbsp unsanded grout.

photo 2 (67)Then I mixed ‘er up with the stir stick until it looked like this. Sorry I think my finger was in the picture!

photo 4 (58)It doesn’t have the same consistency of store-bought chalk paint, it’s thinner. And grittier. But the important thing is that it does the most vital thing chalk paint does– no sanding or priming needed.

So I went to work on this cute lil’ dresser.

photo 5 (50)That was after 1 coat. You can see it doesn’t have quite the coverage, but with two coats, it looked awesome.

I used my fave ASCP Old White on the drawers and spray painted the handles ORB. I wet-distressed the drawers and gave a light sanding to the details of the body of the dresser. And then I waxed all over!

Drum roll please….


Tah dah! Lovely finished product! 243 248249Super cute, right?! I love how bright and sunny it turned out!

This was a great project! I still love ASCP the best, but this DIY chalk paint allows the options of so many more colors for a great price! Since I already had the latex paint, the yellow DIY chalk paint only cost $2! And really, only pennies, because so little grout is used.

Have any leftover paint around? Give this a try! I know I will again!

Have you used DIY chalk paint before? What did you think? Do you prefer store bought?

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5 thoughts on “Made-My-Own Chalk Paint

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Loveee itttt❤️❤️❤️❤️
    What kind of paint was that yellow one? Can you use any interior paint to do chalk paint or is their certain ones??

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