Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy!

Helloooooo there. Did you have a good weekend? I sure did! Worked on some furniture, enjoyed the nice cool weather, and chilled with my hubby. Perfect. Oh, and I did study, a little. Agh.

But now I want to ask you something important. Are you a coffee drinker? Or tea? Or hot chocolate? Well, we are all three. We love us some hot drinks. If you do too, get ready for a thrilling tale about our coffee bar.

To provide a reference to the title of this post, have you ever heard this song by Kristin Chenoweth? Oh, Taylor the latte boy…

Please, take a minute and listen. It’s hilariously fantastic.

Anyways, back to the blog roll.

We love coffee. Love. My hubby has Sleepytime tea nightly. Cute, right? So when we moved into our new home, I didn’t know what to do with this desk in our kitchen.

photo 2 (25)We obviously have an office in one of the other bedrooms, so we didn’t need something else. I am a big time advocate for keeping things organized and in their place, so I did not want to make this another place to gather papers or odds and ends. So, I decided this would be a great place to house our coffee supplies.

We have a Keurig, and love it so much. While we do have some of the Keurig pods, we don’t use them very often. Mostly because of cost, but we also love fresh ground coffee. I love coffee from Trader Joe’s. We don’t have one nearby but I always ask my mom to bring it for me. :-)

Like I mentioned before, we also like to drink tea and hot chocolate. So, I wanted to make this a coffee bar that is not only functional but also looks great being out all the time.

IMG_8198 IMG_8202

photo 4 (7)I found these vintage coffee and tea tins at garage sale and knew they would be a great way to store their respective contents and look great doing it. Just an FYI, I don’t just pour the ground coffee into the tin, I grind it regularly and put it in a plastic container in the tin. That way it is not a mess and we have easy access when we need it.

IMG_8212Obviously there are a bunch of teabags in the other tin.

For hot chocolate storage, I used a clean mason jar. This was actually my mom’s idea! What a great way to keep the hot chocolate mix out. It also reminds me of how much I love to drink it, and to drink it more often.

IMG_8206 IMG_8210 IMG_8208

Pretty. I love mason jars.

Side note: You can see that this is also the area for my cookbooks. We do have several more, but these are the ones that we use most often. Remember, I hate unnecessary clutter.

IMG_8229I added a lamp because there is not much light to the area at all. Especially in the wee hours of the morning when coffee making is happening. Or a late night cup o’ tea. I am not a big fan of the lamp shade though. It’s a little bright. And bold. Hopefully I’ll change it out for something more fitting. Especially since the lamp is a lovely vintage hobnail milk glass.


I think this coffee bar was a great use of space for this area. It could’ve gotten messy quick and become a home for, well, junk. Not on my watch. IMG_8234 IMG_8233So what do you think of my coffee station? You have a coffee station in your house? Are you a big coffee drinker?

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One thought on “Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy!

  1. Very cute! Did I know Steven was a Sleepy Time Tea drinker? So am I!
    We also have a coffee station and yes, I enjoy my one cup of java every day doctored up with sugar free vanilla syrup and SF hazelnut creamer. Tastes better than Starbucks at a fraction of the cost and I don’t have to drive to get it! :)

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