The Largest Highboy Ever

Y’all. I’m serious. My husband bought this big boy on Craig’s List and when I saw it (and it’s equally if not more so large long dresser-mate) I just stood there. If there was ever a World’s Biggest Dresser Pair contest, these guys would win.

Want some perspective? It goes up to my chin. And I’m 5’7″. It’s over 3 feet wide! But let me tell you something. I guess it’s not really that big. Yes, I went around our house and garage comparing the heights of other highboys. I think it seems so because it is a lot more modern than my typical highboy. In general I prefer furniture that is vintage or antique, with curves and details.

This one didn’t have much of any of that. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful. It has lovely dark wood. And a felt-lined top drawer! But since there were no curves or carved details, I thought I might try something different to make this piece unique.

photo(12)Have you noticed I went through a phase where my painting ideas were a little more unique? Multiple colors (here), stripes (here and here), and color blocking (here). I’ve loved all of these projects, but still love the classic look of solid white (or Duck Egg, my other fave). Be looking for more of that to come!

Anyways, I loved how the Greek Blue dresser turned out (see it here) so wanted to use it again, but as a contrasting color. To contrast what? You might ask? Why, Old White of course. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Love. And this piece is a perfect example of why.

IMG_8264The dresser was in decent condition, just some nicking and chipped veneer around the edges. So ASCP is perfect because I could just paint over the shiny finish after a little wood filler patching. I did two coats of Old White on the body of the dresser and one of Greek Blue on the drawers. I wet-distressed the drawers to show the dark wood, but decided to pretty much leave the rest of the dresser alone. When I waxed, a few spots of paint on the edges of the body wore off (I think it’s the heat. It’s been hot and the wax gets really soft, making it easy to apply-bonus!- but I think it wears the paint off.). So I did very light distressing on a few edges to make it seem intentional.

IMG_8266Since this piece is very modern, the distressed-all-over look seemed a little odd to me. I wanted to make this piece pop, hence the colored drawers. The distressing helps them not pop too much though! I spruced up the handles with ORB spray paint and they look sleek.

IMG_8263I love how it turned out!

IMG_8273 IMG_8267 IMG_8281 IMG_8274 IMG_8279What do you think? Are you diggin’ the bright blue? Do you like the contrasting colors? Or are you more of a classic kind of furniture lover? Have you used chalk paint before? If not, do you have any questions about it?

By the way, what do you think of the new look of my blog? I wanted to make it a little more interesting. I’m sooo not savvy on all the customization, but working on it. I would love ANY feedback about the new look! Do you think it’s lovely? Fun? Hard to read? Just awful? Tell me about it!

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