New House: Master Bathroom Inspiration

Do you remember my “tour” of our master bathroom at our old house? If you don’t, read it here first.

Did you read it? It’s beautiful right? Well, be prepared for our new bathroom. It’s, ah, a little bit different.

I love our new house in Arkansas, but this room is the biggest thorn in my side. This house was built in the late 70s, before master bathrooms apparently became a vital part of the house.floor plan 2

I included the floor plan of our house above. Our bedroom and bathroom are in the bottom left of the floor plan. You can see it’s all really close together. To specify, the master bath is to the right of the bedroom, not above. While it’s small, we are fortunate though that there is a bathroom connected to our room. We looked at a house where the master bathroom was outside of the master bedroom. So while I am thankful for that, this bathroom has been a big adjustment. But, as always, I am not without hope, or plans.

Let me show you around a little bit.

IMG_8299Here are the accordion doors from our room into the vanity area of the bathroom. You can see that there is carpet in this area and a single sink.

IMG_8305 IMG_8302That door to the left is our very small master closet. I’m not really gonna talk much more about that, because there is nothing we can do about that. On the other side of it is our furnace and water heater so it needs to stay the way it is, sadly.

Now the door to the right is to the rest of the bathroom…

IMG_8309 You can see we have linoleum flooring, a brown toilet, a small cabinet above the toilet, and a brown set-in small shower. Now, maybe this does not look that bad to you. And I will admit that I am spoiled. But do you remember the bathroom we had at our old house? It was fabulous. It was one of the reasons that I loved our old house so much. A big selling point.

That is also why renovating this bathroom is at the top of my list for renovation of the home after replacing the flooring. The shower head is a little bit wonky, and the biggest problem is that it is only a shower. We both love to take baths, and frequently. And, it is very difficult for me to shave my legs in that tiny shower. I mean, I am getting used to it, but not ideal.

So what are my plans? Let me tell you.

Now, let me preface with the fact that we have not spoken to a contractor yet to see how much this renovation will be. Before we decide to embark on this renovation, whenever that is, we will have to make the decision about the longevity of this house. Before we invest a significant amount of money into the bathroom, we need to know if we are going to get our money out of it, especially if we foresee ourselves selling it in the next few-ish years. With that in mind, let me tell you about what I would like to do to this bathroom.

First, everything in it goes. I would like to remove the wall between the vanity area and the shower/toilet area. There is no natural light into the vanity area and I would love to change that.

I don’t mind only having one sink, and would rather have more counter space like we do currently. A vanity it like this one would be a great choice. I really like the open shelving of this one, but the openness of it coupled with the lack of storage in our bathroom makes me a little wary.

Montaigne 37 in. W x 22 in. D Open Vanity in Weathered Oak-0417110560 at The Home DepotMore than anything, I would love to transform a beautiful dresser into a vanity like this one.

Gorgeous, right?! The bonus to this is that it is one-of-a-kind and has storage! I love the cute vintage-looking faucet as well. Although, to get down to the nitty gritty, I really like this one.

Inspiring Coastal Bathrooms | Get the Look: Classic Faucet | CoastalLiving.comAnd of course, a pretty, non-builder grade mirror.

I love the entire room! The vanity, the floors, the mirror, the ladder towel rack. Sigh.

I am diggin’ this pretty light fixture for the vanity area. Clear Cloche Glass Bath Light- 2 LightIt’s $99 from Shades of Light but then you have to have pretty lightbulbs, which aren’t cheap.

This light would be great for the main part of the bathroom. Again, a vintage feel. But, also again, pricey lightbulbs. Modern Clear Schoolhouse Globe Ceiling Light - 4 FinishesA new white toilet (!) would be installed of course and I would love to see some shelving or cabinets around it like this one.

Shelves really revamp a boring small bathroom. I love this look! Really great way to organize but not make your bathroom feel even smaller. Under cabinet storage and baskets on the shelves are a great way to hide things you don't want openly displayed, too.I also love the look of this towel hook and shelf set in the bathroom. We have switched our towel racks in the past to hooks and I am a much bigger fan of this. Plus, we can store stuff on top! Holla!

ShelfWhile I would love a claw foot tub (with a shower combo) like this one, I would also be okay with a deep garden tub like this second one.

This bathroom, with its salvaged clawfoot tub, is a vision in white. See the full home tour here at Sneak Peek: Alexandra Grablewski and Todd Bonne.Miss Mustard Seed's Master BathroomThe one above is from my fave blogger, Miss Mustard Seed. She just completed her master bath redo, and this is it. The tile. The shelves. The tub!

As far as tile, I am in love with marble recently. You know me and how I love white. Especially in a bathroom. I want white. Clean. Easy to see when it needs to be cleaned. Kinda like our new white towels. Hubs was a little resistant at first but after I stated my case, he was on board.

Anyways, tile. I would love to see this marble hexagon tile on the floor. The hexagon is a vintage feel but the marble makes it sleek and elegant.

carrera marble hexagon tile for the floors...Hmm. Keep repinning stuff and realizing maybe I just want Aubrey & Lindsay's bathroom.And this marble subway tile around the shower. Similar to the tile in the bathroom above.

Small & Classic Marble Bath, Carrara marble tile purchased through ebay, Kohler Memoirs Stately fixtures, Restoration Hardware shower curtain in Silver Sage, Restoration Hardware counter top accessories from the Dillon line, Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments paint (Aura line of paint).   , Bathrooms DesignWainscotting would be the perfect addition to the rest of the bathroom walls. Easy to clean. I love the soft, warm grey of the wainscotting below coupled with the white walls. It would be the perfect match to the marble.

wainscotting can be used in a small bathroom!  love the light grey color This could work for my back bathroom -ArwenNo, don’t get worried if this seems a bit drab to you. To me, it’s soothing. Clean. And like any room, you can brighten it up with art, accessories, and (shower) curtains! That is the easy stuff to change out over time. But I want a classic, timeless look so I will actually enjoy our bathroom again.

Don’t you just love those inspiration pictures? It makes me so excited to transform our bathroom! I know that we will have to save our pennies, and dollars, for quite a bit to be able to do this, but a master bathroom that is a relaxing space is so important to me.

Whenever I forget this, I think back to our bathroom at our old house and how many relaxing baths we took in that deep tub. Right now, I try to minimize the amount of time I spend in that bathroom.

While the amount of the bathroom DIY work that we have done in the past is very minimal, if any, since this will be a pricey project we are going to try to find ways to do as much of it that we can ourselves. This will likely mean the demo, installing wainscoting, etc. I want to make the least amount of major changes to the space as possible but still maximize the space to minimize our cost.

What do you think of my bathroom ideas? Have you done a bathroom reno before? A friend of mine (hey Jess!) and her husband are working on their bathroom right now, and it has been great to hear about the progress and the pricing of things. I know that having an updated bathroom can really help the price of your house, so I think that this would be a project. Well worth the cost if we don’t go crazy. :-)


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