Adventures in Painting

Remember my IKEA desk? She’s a beauty isn’t she? I’ve been using her while I study (a lot) and I. LOVE. It. There is so much space for me to spread out all my goodies. :) I’ve also been sitting there to type my blog. Pretty cool.

Today I wanted to discuss the continuing evolution of the office. Now that you’ve seen a little bit of the paint in the office from the desk tutorial/reveal post pics, I wanted to give you a better look. I shared in the inspiration post for the office that I wanted to paint the walls a light blue. I chose blue because it is very calming and relaxing, not a distraction from work. I wanted a nice light color because there is just one small-ish window in the room and I didn’t want it to feel like a cave.

This is the one window in the room, complete with stylish blinds and valance. Off they came! (She does a victory dance!)

photo 1 (41) photo 2 (28)

Looks better already! I am a sucker for grey walls, but the furniture in here is a little different from the rest of the house. We have two black book cases, so I didn’t want too much along that color spectrum.

While we were at Home Depot, I started looking at paint chips. I ended up choosing Sonata by Behr because it was a nice light-medium tone blue with a hint of grey.

I found it in a pamphlet with color combos and pictures of the colors in a room (above). This means so much more to me than a color on a paint chip. I like that the color wasn’t so pale that you could barely see it but also wasn’t shockingly bright. I knew one thing, I liked loved the white trim.

BEHR Premium Plus 8 oz. #530E-3 Sonata Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Still, seeing it on a piece of paper does not mean everything. You know that I am more of a jump-on-in painter than a let’s-paint-samples. This time I almost paid for being that way. So, learn from me. And paint sample squares. :)

Anyways, home it came and I started on my other painting project first. Remember when I painted the trim in the living room? And how it was very frustrating? Well I thought a lot about this before embarking on a trim painting journey again. I knew that I wanted to paint the trim of the office white like that of the living room to make it bright and clean. So I figured that it would be best to paint the trim first to minimize the taping that I needed to do and the issues I had related to the taping last time. So that’s what I did.

I taped off the trim was between the baseboards and the carpet,  the top of the crown, around the closet door, the door into the room, and around the windows. I don’t know why I taped off around the closet door and windows. It was completely unnecessary. Another lesson learned. I use off-the-shelf semi gloss white paint-and-primer-in-one again and gave it two coats.

photo 4 (26)You might not really be able to tell a difference in this picture unless you look real close, but I tried to capture the different side-by-side of the trim paint. On the left is unpainted, on the right the new white after one coat.

photo 2 (42)You can really tell the difference in this picture. In the whole house, all of the baseboards, crown, trim, and doors are all this off-white beige color of the door in this photo. So you can see the real difference here between the trim around the door and the door itself. The colors were the same before. Crazy right?

The white looks SO good. So bright. I love the instant (ish) gratification of white paint.

photo 5 (25)

So after the tedious process of painting the trim, I prepared to paint the walls. Now, I might not have had as many issues with the trim being taped off if I was patient enough to let the newly painted trim cure. Which takes about 30 days. Ugh. But, I wanted results and was leaving in just a few days (this was when I came to visit at the beginning of July). So I used in the 3M Scotch Blue Delicate tape over the freshly painted trim. I did wait the recommended 24 hours before taping…

I do have to say that this tape worked really well considering. After carefully taping everything off, I cut in and rolled all of the walls. It’s best to cut in, or do the edges first. Because rolling is smoother than painting with a brush and can cover up some of the imperfections that happen when you use a brush.

I have to admit that I was not quite sure about the wall paint color when I started rolling it on. In the can, I actually liked it better. Had a little bit more grey to it, it seemed lighter. When I rolled it on I thought that it was going to be a little too blue for me. Like when the hubs said, Hey if we ever have a son we don’t have to paint this room! I cringed a little. I don’t think I wanted it that blue.

However, I think those thoughts were in part to the fact that the entire wall was not done yet. I mean, in contrast to the beige, yeah, it looks pretty blue.

photo 5 (21)

When the room was finished, it still looked blue of course, but great. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m crazy about it yet, but it provides a nice backdrop to the room. Sometimes it looks really blue and sometimes more grey. It’s definitely growing on me, though.

Since I use the paint and primer in one, I only needed one good coat. I let all of the paint dry and then the hubs and I very carefully started to peel off the tape. Again, it came off okay considering I had just painted. There were a few areas where strips of the paint peeled off, but it was mostly on the edges of the trim where you couldn’t really see it.

There are a few spots I will probably touch up, but overall it turned out really well. I am learning more and more about this painting-the-trim-process as I go, and think that the next time I paint the trim, in our front living room, that I will change the process a little bit more. I would like to try to paint without using any tape at all for the trim, and then wait a while before painting the walls, in hopes the tape won’t peel  off the paint. I also read that it may be the kind paint that is currently on the trim. It might be really old which could mean poor quality which can cause the paint not to stick- yes, even with the paint-and-primer-in-one. A good coat of quality primer should do the trick before applying semi-gloss paint.

This may sound like a lot of work, but bright white trim is so worth it to me. It makes such a difference. Look at that shiny white trim!

IMG_8319Did you notice I took the “bars” off the windows? Looks cleaner. I might take the screens off too, to make it even brighter.I can’t wait for curtains to warm it up!

I have hung a few things and it does help to break up all the blue. The blue in this San Francisco print matches perfectly.IMG_8327

IMG_8326There is still some work to be done in this room: a new light fixture (all there is is one pot light), curtains, more wall decor, and hopefully a new chair. :)

IMG_8321But I am happy with this room. It is cohesive. I love working in this room. It is beautiful and calming. Definitely a good change from the beige box.

IMG_8340 IMG_8338IMG_8331 So what do you think of the color, doesn’t the bright white trim and the blue look fabulous together? The colors may look a little different in a few of the pictures…it was a cloudy day and I was trying to get good photos with minimal artificial light. If you see any hints of lavender in the color, it’s not there in real life.

IMG_8337Are you doing any painting in your house soon? Have you ever painted trim before? Do you have the problems that I have had? Or do you have any recommendations for me? I would love to hear about it!

Do you love your office like I do? Is it a usable space or is it a bit of a headache like ours used to be? I think that it is so important to have an office that is calm and organized so that it is an encouraging place to work instead of a room that is avoided. Ours now is just that.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Painting

  1. Love the white trim and suspect you wil get used to the color over time! Good idea to paint the trim first although I have done it both ways. You are amazing to find the time/energy to do all this on top of studying for your boards! Love the idea of a bouncing baby boy! :)

  2. What a difference a coat of paint can make! Love it! also am loving that San Fran picture! Enjoy your new space. Stopping by from Love of Family blog hop, hope you will hop out to the country as well. Take care

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