Can I Just Tell You?

…that furniture is going well up here in Arkansas. I had my doubts for quite a bit. And it’s perfect timing. With my studying done and my job still a few weeks away, I’ve got plenty of time to do one of my favorite things. Paint furniture.

But what’s even greater is that I’ve already had the opportunity to work on a few custom pieces for a client. She told me about a pair of end tables she had recently purchased from a local thrift store, and wanted them painted to match her new sofa. Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg seemed like the perfect match, to my excitement!

photo 3 (15)We picked up the end tables and I was pleased to find out they are Drexel. She made a good purchase. These babies are nice. They have a beautiful shape, especially the details on the pedestal. Did you notice the (slightly) different tones of wood though? Yeah, they needed a makeover. I was confident they would turn out lovely.

I set to work painting. I love how Duck Egg covers so well. It’s such a lovely color, with hints of green, blue, and even a little grey.

IMG_8292After painting I waxed and then distressed. She wanted an antique glaze and I couldn’t wait to see it settle in the details.

Like so.

IMG_8423With the kind of dark glaze I do, you clear wax to seal the paint, then sand to distress, then apply the glaze. The reason you wax and then essentially sand it off is so the glaze does not stain the paint… completely.

IMG_8428You apply the glaze just like you are staining. You let it set for a few minutes and then wipe off, leaving the glaze in the areas you want to look old, like crevices and detail work. Then you wax a final time. And it turns out looking quite lovely.

Quite lovely, eh?

IMG_8414  IMG_8419 IMG_8420Voila!

IMG_8412 IMG_8410 IMG_8426I love how the antique glaze brings out the details.

I think these ladies turned out wonderfully. And if you are wondering where the other one is, well I didn’t want to stage both since they look identical. Plus we don’t really have a place for two end tables close to each other in our house.

I am so happy furniture is up and running again. And it will be a marathon soon. I take my exam tomorrow, and after I pass (confidence!) and am back from vaca (more on that soon), I’ll have a few weeks before starting work. You know, paperwork. So, that means I get to paint furniture full time! If you want something, let me know! I would love to work with you.

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